Friday, September 13, 2013

A POS War Criminal Gets Insulted

Pity poor Betrayus, trying to walk to class where he can teach his warped sense of morals to another generation.

Bravo to the brave students at CUNY, they've got some balls!

College Students Chase David Petraeus and Shout at Him on First Day of Class

I first saw this while watching my morning propaganda on FAUX. It was hilarious. The anchor and that POS retired Colonel North had their knickers in a twist, lamenting how badly Betrayus was getting treated.

It was priceless!

My, my, my, what is the world coming to when a mass-murdering, slimy, POS like Betrayus can't stalk the streets w/o getting harassed?


  1. Can you imagine what that guy was thinking. An officer of his stature is not used to young people screaming at them like that, because they have so much control in uniform/duty.

    Those kids make me proud.

  2. Davy didn't look too comfortable.

    Wait until the mob that's stalking him is carrying a rope with a noose!


  3. The kids need to relearn what
    lamp posts are really for.

  4. From jim Stone

    I was contacted by a Doctorate of Pharmacology who revealed a new method of creating brain destroying vaccines. This is an updated method and will supersede the bacteriophage virus approach to destroying neurons. Intentionally destructive vaccines are the real reason for Autism, lowered test standards, and today's far less capable kids
    Here is what they are now doing. They are growing brain tissue from stem cells, stripping the proteins off of them and coating the inactive or weakened pathogens that a vaccine normally uses with these proteins. Many people out there know that friendly vaccines contain either dead or weakened versions of the disease they are supposed to prevent. To cause a friendly vaccine to become destructive, all that is needed is to coat these weakened pathogens with proteins, hormones, or whatever else in the recipient's body you want destroyed, and when the recipient's immune system reacts to the pathogen, it will recognize the protein or other material you coated that pathogen with as hostile also and then attack it wherever it exists in the body.

    Emotional and cognitive neurons are not the same as the neurons that control body function, and their proteins and other components are slightly different from physical control neurons, especially in the synapses. If you start with a stem cell and grow it to only form a blob of emotional or cognitive neurons and then take the proteins and other materials from these stem cells, grown in a culture, and attach them to the pathogens in a vaccine, the recipient's body will then proceed to destroy the parts of the brain that have proteins that match what was in the stem cell culture.

    syria already fired on and us missiles shot down by Russia.

  5. This shit is so evil it is hard to believe.

    Having the child's own immune system destroy that child is a far safer method for the elite, because it ensures their own weapon will never become something that can destroy them, and the ignorant parents won't ever realize that the "immune system malfunction for a baby that was genetically susceptible to the vaccine" that caused their child to start spinning in a circle like a chimpanzee was actually intentionally inflicted.

    Just google autism spinning.

    Got a goy baby there? Ha, the GOY get the green and red striped vial, the blue one is for the JEW. Nope, the Jews are NOT ONE BIT SMARTER THAN US, UNTIL THEY USE THEIR CONTROL OF THE MEDICAL SYSTEM TO MAKE IT THAT WAY. Welcome to the new future, where babies look like chimpanzees, the young children hardest hit behave and spin like chimpanzees and the Jews are the best at EVERYTHING. To get your child vaccinated safely, go to a Jewish medical center, say you are Jewish, and things will likely be fine if no controls are in place to confirm if you are Jewish or not. I never looked at this angle of it, but there has GOT TO be a way to get a safe vaccine and you can bet they know. Perhaps there are kosher and non kosher. It's that way, even with soap.


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