Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Zionist Jew MSM Refuse to Print Honest Questions

Commented to the Naval Yard shooter stories in both the New York Times and the KC Star on 9.16.13.

The 'JEW' York Times refused to print the comment below and the Star at first printed the comment, then they 'wiped it off the face of the Earth' within two hours.

Gosh, I wonder why?

Don't we have a free and vibrant press that welcomes opposing points of view and encourages exchanges of viewpoints and dialogue between sober, rational individuals?

Are the only ones allowed space in the MSM Jew Americans and Israeli-Firsters who are always clamoring for more war in the ME, Africa and SW Asia? And the rabid sports fans who will swarm all over a story about a missed call or a Johnny Football type, but get morose and bitchy when they can't access their Talmud Vision set, simulating the type of withdrawal a junkie has when denied his favorite drug?

Both of these Zionist outhouses are smarting right now, because all the time and effort they spent on printing lies, distortions, falsehoods and outright Bullshit about Syria, hoping that American 'exceptionalism' would raise its ugly head and hiss for more war, but the people saw thru the con games and started raising hell with Congress.

Maybe that isn't an oncoming train at the end of this Zionist colon we're stuck in, maybe it is a light and not only is sunshine a good disinfectant, it makes cockroaches scatter.

NYT owner Arthur Ochs Sulzberger Jr. and editors at their morning confab

9.17.13 photo cockroaches_zps8b60f35e.jpg

Here's the comment that got spiked by the Luciferians at the Times and Star:
How is it that some media outlets published the story on the day before it happened?

Police, FBI: Shooter reported in military building at Washington Navy Yard; multiple victims

Sunday, 15 September 2013 23:31 Eric Tucker And Brett Zongker, The Associated Press

Notice the date?

What's on the security cameras, or were they 'down' for maintenance?


  1. Some crazies supposedly get a gun and go on a rampage all over America and none of the cameras work. But just try to go 46 in a 45 MPH speed zone with cameras and I bet they ALWAYS get the pic.

    Funny how that works.

  2. Bet it was ICTS-the Israeli security mob again. These are the people responsible for 9/11 airport security, 7/7 London underground and overground station security which mysteriously was not working when these key events took place. Very remiss of them....

  3. I've looked for hours, both online and in some 'old media' and can't find anything about who was providing the security, except it was a private firm.

    The way they're keeping that info out of the press makes the whole deal stink, with some Israeli firm more than likely handling the 'security.'

  4. Yeah, why is there *never* a security camera? They're clearly not squeamish about showing gruesome images when it comes to selling a war. Maybe they're afraid of having us internet types pick apart their staged photos. Seems like they're getting smarter on that front -- I noticed they're showing memorial photos of "victims" but wisely keeping the bad actors who are supposedly their relatives on the phone so we can't see how they aren't crying.

    My contention is that this whole thing was a drill.

  5. Jody, it's looking more and more like another False Flag.

    That, or the criminal elite like to play with our minds by constantly changing the story.

    Now he's supposedly had a Honorable Discharge, as opposed to a General.

    And since a shotgun, especially the Remington 870 which was alleged to be the one used, isn't something you can conceal w/o looking like you're concealing something, how was he able to get into a 'highly secure' area.

    We need to find out who was the security firm that handled the Naval Yard, we need that name.


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