Sunday, October 20, 2013

Images of American 'Exceptionalism'

There's so many images of that special American 'exceptionalism' available that one blog alone could not hold them all, so some of the best were chosen.

Vietnamese civilians butchered by American troops at My Lai in 1968. Massacres like this weren't uncommon during the Vietnam War, this is one that just happened to get some exposure. Around 500 Vietnamese civilians, many of them women, children and the elderly, were lined up and shot down in cold blood.

My_Lai photo MyLai1_i_zps9328ea8c.jpg

Apartment building that the Philadelphia PD dropped a bomb in 1985 on to 'smoke out' the resident of the black freedom outfit, MOVE. 11 people died in the flames that wound up consuming the entire city block. Some residents that did survive the police automatic weapon fire being directed into the building, the bombing and subsequent fire were sent to prison and are still there.

MOVE_Phila photo move_bombing_zps17485785.jpg

The April 1993 fire-bombing of the Branch Davidian housing complex that was started to 'save the children,' and wound up killing over 80 people, including 22 children.

To make things more difficult to escape the inferno, the FBI surrounded the place with concertina wire, which would make it impossible for the children to run to safety.

The July 1988 downing of an Iranian airliner, with a US Navy missile that killed 290 Iranians. The 25th anniversary was this Summer, but I bet you didn't see anything in the JEW MSM about this atrocity, as they were too busy trying to trick Americans into fighting another 'War for Wall Street and Israel.'

As usual, the feds lied their asses off trying to spin this mass-murder.
After the shoot-down of the civilian airliner, Newsweek noted that, “the men of the Vincennes were all awarded combat action ribbons. Commander Lustig, the air-warfare coordinator, even won the navy’s Commendation Medal for ‘heroic achievement,’ for his ‘ability to maintain his poise and confidence under fire,’ enabling him to ‘quickly and precisely complete the firing procedure.’” Captain Will Rogers III received the Legion of Merit for his “outstanding service” as commander of the Vincennes.

Iranian_airliner photo bodies-under-water_zps33c9f77f.jpg

American Marines urinating on the corpses of dead Afghans. If this isn't 'exceptional' then what is? A dog has better sense.

And the Big One, a pic from Nagasaki, Japan, after we had dropped an atomic bomb on two Japanese cities to impress the Russians. The Japanese had been trying to surrender for months, to no avail. We had a new toy and god damn it, we were going to use it.
The first atomic bomb we dropped was on Hiroshima, one made from plutonium. The one dropped on Nagasaki was made from uranium. But we were 'kind' enough to spare these cities from being bombed the usual way, the WH and Pentagon wanted to have cities untouched by bombing raids so they could get a clear picture of the destruction.

Even though there were American POW's in the cities, it didn't matter, they too would be vaporized by the blast, to show the world our 'exceptionalism.'

Nagas_10.20.13 photo Naga_zps62620c22.jpg

Pat yourself on the back, America, after all, who's going to teach those 'uppity' blacks, or gooks or rag-heads or slant eyes the lessons they need? And if YOU get outta line, we'll stop by and teach you a lesson!


  1. Good post Greg, it is sad but it is true.

  2. It all makes me sick and ashamed of being human.

    When I saw images of a child killed by a cluster bomb, it forced me to rethink my belief system.

    How can I be a Christian and say it's okay for Christian supported wars? The answer was plain when Jesus warned about hurting children. "It would be better if a man had a millstone around his cast to the sea neck than to harm one of these little ones."

    I don't understand how Christians can support war, unless they have been massively deceived. The whole bloody world is insane, and I give credit to the Christ hating jews for that.

    Whew, I can use a drink right now.

  3. Darn, my comments didn't come out right. The same shit that happened to Les Visible is going on here, I think. It took ten minutes to post the above.
    Damn zio basturds.

  4. Lee, any blog that writes about truth can be expected to get hammered by the feds and friends of Israel.

  5. I saw what you included.... but then we have Haiti, Cambodia and various African nations to consider as well.

    I have almost reached saturation point, Greg.

  6. Noor, you could fill several books with the atrocities committed by the USA in the name of 'freedom and liberty.'


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