Tuesday, October 29, 2013

'Mikey' Rivero Says I'm a Kook!

What really happened to "What Really Happened" that has 'Mikey' Rivero calling people derogative names--AGAIN--who don't agree with GW Bush, Dick Cheney, Obama, Israeli PM Netanyahu and Rivero on what happened at the Pentagon on 9/11?

Why is 'Mikey' Rivero so dead set against an honest, intelligent evaluation of the official story about how the Pentagon was attacked on 9/11?
'Mikey' sides with the government and the '9/11 Omission Commission' that a jet airliner hit the Pentagon and has again, taken to calling people nasty names for disagreeing with Rivero.
Spoiled six year old brats call people names when they're losing an argument, but not grown adults.

Is it his ethnic background that is bubbling to the top of his egomaniac brain, defending his people, the 'Chosen Ones,' by calling those who seek 9/11 truth, 'kooks?'

Then there's many a 'kook' pilot in "Pilots for 9/11 Truth," but knowing Rivero's tendency to be the fount of knowledge on all matters under the sun, he's probably a certified pilot with at least 10,000 hours in the cockpits of commercial, private and fighter jets.

Rational people, especially us GOYIM, can agree to disagree, but calling people names only serves the interests of the rotten SOB's who were really behind the 9/11 FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB. And maybe that's what 'Mikey' is trying to do, help the coverup while pretending to search for 9/11 truth.

So if being a 'kook' means I don't agree with former President Bush, the world's biggest DICK, Cheney, Obama, Israeli PM Netanyahu, former British PM Tony Blair, numerous Zionist JEW MSM outlets and 'Mikey' Rivero, who all agree with the discredited 9/11 Commission, then by all means, call me a KOOK!
Mike Rivero’s Apocalyptic Fear Mongering Continues

Mike also has a policy on his “radio show” of cutting people off who happen to talk about “what really happened” at the Pentagon.

It appears Mike’s opinion is that “what really happened” is exactly what the Pentagon says happened and if you even hint at anything else, he’ll hang up on you.

Because, it seems, “what really happened’ can’t' stand up to open debate, apparently. Which, oddly, is the same position that Shyam Sunder of NIST takes
CIA Insider Tells 911 truth. Time to re-examine your World-view, America!

The evidence has grown. It would be nearly impossible for "stock" Boeing 767s, to be flown by guys that could barely fly Cessna, so precisely over hundreds of miles from 30,000 feet.

Previous Flight Data Recorder data confirms, The Boeing 767 starts to come apart before 570MPH near sea level. Skilled, Multi-1000 hour 767 Pilots, have trouble replicating these flights, let alone the Pentagon, in state-of-the-art 757-767 flight simulators.

At the 4:50 mark, Tom Brokaw reports on secondary explosions at the WTC.

William Cooper, who predicted the 9/11 False Flag, was killed by government agents in November 2001.

9/11 was a FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB pulled off by the WH and elements of the CIA, the FBI, NSA, the Pentagon, masterminded by Israel and funded by those 'Too Big to Fail' Wall Street banks.

Even 'kooks' know that!


  1. Greg, I wonder how Les Visible is going to react to that. He and Rivero are tight. Les encourages his readers to support him. So, either they got to him and scared him, or, he sold out? Probably both.

    Rivero is rather crude in how he reacts in an argument. He doesn't have the finess, charm, whit, or education that Noam Chomsky does. Chomsky on different levels will insult, discount, attack,cloud, and evade issues with smooth ambiguity and vagueness. Jews are masters of this type of discourse. They share the same vile bite like the snakes whom they came from.

    No wonder Jesus called them vipers and "You are of your father, the devil".

    Yes, I'm a KOOK too. The official 911 story is a fairy tale. Only a child that screams insults will believe it.

    In reality, the official 911 story is an insult to our intelligence. The lies and distortions are on the same level as Evolution. Both stories are so impossible, that it becomes a fairy tale or religion. And religion, is a powerful tool that purveyors of evil use all the time.

    WE Kooks must all unite and stop this fairy tale that is costing lives, trillions of dollars, and the most precious state of mind.


  2. Rivero reminds me of Alex Jones with a skunk colored Goatee... just not as rich.

  3. I must be a kook as well... Because I look at other factors, such as the fake Apollo Moon Landings... According to the great Jewvero, those who question the "authenticity" of Apollo are also KOOKS!!!

    Dont forget, Greg... We are dealing with a person who is not only a gatekeeper, but a big fat Jew as well..... He screams Hitler, Nazi, and Money Junkies, every chance he gets, and never ever names the criminal tribe of his fellow Jew scumbags as the real culprits...

    When I saw that Jewvero was calling those who question the lies of our history "Kooks"...I honestly wanted to call into his show and ream him up.. But he would just hang up like he always does rather than try to debate... That to me makes him the real "Kook"!

  4. -
    well what to say lee, you should be ashamed > to mention l v along with
    all this b s

    to have your own thoughts
    well that's just fine
    why you want to drag someone down
    into your own hole, well, that's another thing

    any one with any sense knows a plane did not hit the pentagon
    point set match

    rivereairoe is deluded
    that's not in dispute
    as i told him, your not so bad
    except that b s about that 'plane'
    it was obviously a cruise missile
    just look at the hole - 'nuff said

    i do not know why, supposedly
    intelligent people carry on with this bullshit - it is an insult
    to all of us and i have approached this man, michael, with these exact thoughts
    and he ain't budjin' for
    whatever reason, well that don't change what i think

    and i ain't no fool
    i can assure you
    you three are off my christmas card list ha no worries, i've never sent one in my lifetime ha

  5. The way I look at WRH and rense too, is they are news gathering sites. Of course, those guys have their own opinions and are biased in some ways like everybody else.

    'Mikey' really lost me a few days ago when he pronounced a disbelief even in chem-trails and Haarp calling them kooky conspiracies, never mind the pentagon plane.

    Someone coined the phrase 'Fuk U Shima Die Itchy' early on. Mike never covered that extensively, rense did. So, I hope Willy Loman is going to eat his words from 2011 and chokes on them, because they never told the truth about the melt downs, like they never told the truth about 9/11. Rant over.

  6. I've never listened to Rivero's radio shows, but the fact that he cuts people off for not towing HIS 9/11 line makes him worse than Bill O'LIElly. At least with O'LIElly, you know what you're dealing with, he doesn't hide behind some veneer.

  7. NTS, at one time, I didn't believe in Chem Trails, until the evidence kept hitting me in the face.

    After I'd see day after day with a sky filled with the Chem Trails, so many that it had turned the sky into a bizarre checkerboard pattern, that lingered on for hours, I realized my thinking on CT's was wrong and started to investigate further.

    Now I'm a firm believer in that nasty crap that is poisoning the skies and us at the same time.

  8. MachNichts,

    Willy Loman's attacks and idiotic nay-saying about Fukashima is what caused my total separation from his site. That and the fact that his mother is part of the tag team and they won't tell people of the connection.

  9. Except for his tag team partner Ryan Dawson, just how many of Mikey's supporters actually go along with his 'take' on the Pentagon? I would guess not very many at all. Almost from the beginning he has said that one day there would be a real video released of the official story airliner to make us all look stupid. Hasn't happened and never will because there are none. Any fake videos released would be immediately exposed for what they are.

    Name calling doesn't help our cause. There's too much of that.

  10. I'd say make a list of shill sites Greg...but the jews are absolute masters at deception as most can see.
    Call out one site and another pops up
    with the same people.
    mikey and Fatboy started playing goodcop/badcop a LONG time ago.

  11. mikey and Fatboy started playing goodcop/badcop a LONG time ago

    Would 'Fatboy' be Alex Jones? I've nicknamed him 'Captain Blowhard.'

  12. EST must be a troll. He doesn't make any sense with bad sentences that are disjointed. I think he blogs on Visible's site from time to time. He pretends to support Les.

    Alex Jones has a lot of people fooled. One of my nieces bought his tapes. She knows about the Federal Reserve and fractional banking. I told her I a copy of it by the real author, the late "Eustace Mullins". She got defensive and said it was D.W. Griffith, whom we know stole from Mullins.

    I used to comment on a blog called "Another Day In The Empire" by Kurt Nimmo. Nimmo is a world class journalist and photographer as well as a web coder.

    Nimmo also broke the stories of U.S. soldiers urinating on the dead. He also broke the story of soldiers killing innocent male civilians in Iraq, removing their clothing and replacing them with enemy apparel. There was also a hint of sexual abuse of the corpses. How sick is that?

    I felt a kinship with Nimmo and even feared for his safety when was the target of Bill O'Reilly, whom Nimmo claimed as being a CIA operative.

    Then all of a sudden, he was gone and his website shut down. A few years later I see him on Alex Jones.

    Kurt Nimmo is a man of integrity, but Kurt is just a human being like all of us who care about our families. Yes, his association with Jones disappointed me, but every man has a breaking point.

    Mike Rivero just doesn't strike me as being one of character or integrity. Good cop/bad cop is more his style.

    Good writing there, Greg.

  13. -
    well there's a first, for me, Lee
    being called a troll ha surely you jest

    and as for supporting L V yes i do
    and would gladly proclaim that to any and everyone interested

    thanks for the critique of my writing style though, as you know, you have wounded me with that

    i will try to stem the bleeding on my own and perhaps i will survive
    to write just one more day, perhaps

    i write like this because it is how i think and would feel uncomfortable with any other form

    if you practically aced your Sat verbal's as i did then i might be more open to your rough review

    and the reason people pile on L V
    at the slightest instigation is, i believe, they are jealous of his insight and honesty and of course his own writing skills

    and i thought you > Lee might be one of the good guys

    please don't mention my name again, in any context
    and i will do the same for you

    i shouldn't have jumped in, to begin with
    and for that i am sorry [kinda]


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