Monday, October 14, 2013

"OMG, Nazis From Outer Space!"

From 2012:

And here's some more Nazi nastiness, from 1955!

Deported American gangster Frank Buchanan (Michael Granger) forces ex-Nazi scientist Wilhelm Steigg (Gregory Gaye) to create zombies by resurrecting corpses through radiation in order to help him exact revenge on his enemies.

OMG!!! Nazis are also at the center of the Earth, plotting to take over the world.

Nazis At The Center of the Earth Official Trailer

How about a Nazi zombies movie?

Nazis did 9/11!


  1. Yes, the evil Nazis are the world's greatest scapegoat. Perfect for all the disinfo agents that permeate the truth sites.

    Hellfire, they even have bases on the moon. I know this because Edgar Cayce and Nostradamus told me.

    Wait a minute!

    The latest scapegoats are the Archons.

    Excuse me.

  2. It is Thanksgiving weekend in Canada. I was so thrilled to see the public channels doing their public duty and rolling out Hitler film after Hitler film showing us just how LUCKY we are to live today, so long after the monster left the world.

    LONG live public broadcasting for keeping the truth alive.

    Rolls eyes. Heck we all know the Nazi were satan's legions!

    BTW, those trailers are pretty darn funny.

  3. Yahoo and UK's Daily Mail churning out Nazi/Holohoax stories practically every day.

    It wouldn't be too long, evil "Muzzies" will take the vacant slot left by the Nazies.

  4. Hey the Donmeh Jews are nazis, Hitler was killing ass on their behalf. Now they are eating hearts with the cannibal army. You cut and pasters wouldn't know that however. You handler will tell you when to take a different turn.

    Beulah is not misinformed he has dossier to put across.

    Anybody can copy and paste articles but at some point you are going have to put the big picture together.

    And by the way some of you who can't get enough talking about ganja, well... Hitler would have put you away for a long time knuckleheads. That is the way totalitarian dictatorship works children. (yeah shiva burns dick head)

    Not only that they euthanize granny and the slow kids in class. Then they bring them to America under operation paperclip. I don't want to get too far of ahead of you here though. You need some time to catch up. They invade 5 or 6 countries simultaneously! Sieg Heil!

    The main supporters of fulfilling the “Work of Masters” were Reinhard Heydrich, predominantly Jewish (above) and full Jew Adolf Eichmann (below). As the organizer of the Jewish emigration prior to the Second World War Eichmann traveled to the country which today is Israel. “The only reason for the name and from the history of Jewish people”, wrote the Jewish names researcher G. Kessler in Leipzing, 1935.

    And did not Hitler, after he became Fuehrer, explain to his legal advisor Hans Frank, a son of a Bamberg’s Jewish lawyer, that he learned from his grandmother Schicklgruber that her son Alois, Hitler’s father, without any doubt originated from an affair with the Jew Frankenberger? Why then, for fourteen years Frankenberger paid faithfully for the support of the born-out-of wedlock Alois? Noticeable in this Hitler’s story about his grandmother is the fact, that Madame Schicklgruber died many years before he was born.

    In May 1913, Adolf Hitler, a twenty four year old painter, and an Austrian conscientious objector out of persuasion and not out of inclination, came to the art town of Munich, known also as Athens of the River Isar. He left Vienna because the ground there finally became too hot for him. At the sudden departure, a friend of his mother, the Jewish Lady Dr.Loewy, living in Vienna’s Schottenring (Elite’s Circle) gave him the money for his journey. (17) At the Registrar Bureau in Munich he introduced himself as stateless person.”

    You boys and girls are such fun. It is almost like picking on children at times. However you are becoming strident lately, did you get some kind of memo?

  5. I apologize Greg, I just popped in to post this on 911, I did not realize I was under the gun of the contractors until I saw this.

    This is pretty good info on 911, I have not read it all and frankly I don't need to, we all know who did it.

  6. Now that we have pin pointed where the fire wall should be set up, without further adieu I offer this.

    It is all in the eyes, study the eyes!

    Beulah made a short appearance at Anthony Migchels with the short statement that well "somebody must have gotten to him" LOL It is very doubtful Beaulah could balance his check book much less comment on Migchels financial paradigms.

    In fact the avatar of Beulah on a tricycle .... well I could not have imagined anything more appropriate. He likes to refer to people as "dude". It signifies such an ordinary style of consciousness.

    Beulah you would be better served to sneak around and leave these type comments on site I do not visit, because I do frequent Greg's site. Better yet join me on my site. I love bashing contractors.

  7. And Noor unfortunately we had to part company when and exchanging emails revolved around you were out of ganja and where you could get some. As I told you I don't smoke it, and those who do, leaving it in print on the net will soon find they get letters informing them they can no longer be in possession of firearms. But you knew that didn't you?

    Then I get a letter (FROM YOU) to apply to anonymous at the very same time ........ very same time the feds are busting up what they classify as anonymous at UCF right near my home. You are so clever!

  8. "Donmeh Jews are nazis, Hitler was killing ass on their behalf."

    Agreed 100% w/DubMick when it comes to Hitler/Nazi shenanigans.

  9. The on 29 July 1911 in Jena (Germany) born Nazi, Prince of Orange Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld ended his doctoral in 1935 and started working for a German chemical company (I.G. Farben-industry AG German Industry and the Holocaust), that made the Holland-route to the U.S. with the services of the de Hollandsche Koopmansbank in Amsterdam (HKB

    Say isn’t Bush’s daughter named Jena?

    The consequence of this is that the masonic Grand Lodge of Belgium was founded a year after the Benelux treaty (1959), supposedly because of the good relations with the Jews of Antwerp, England (Rothschild) and America (Rockefeller) from which Hitler was financed through Netherlands including the Bush family and their financiers (video). This lodge is separately established in Belgium in 1959 to support the Nazi fascist World Order continued from the territory of the Netherlands, expanded to the Benelux, Europe, America and then the rest of the world with a fascist agenda and genocide consequences. The Second World War never ended and continued stealth through the Dutch territory and the Bilderberg Conferences (video). A Nazi Trojan Horse from within Europe onto the rest of the world.

    with as successive presidents, his daughter Queen Beatrix and present the Belgian socialist √Čtienne Davignon (Vice Chairman Eu-committee 1977-81) who was after “Robert Rothschild” Cabinet Secretary of Paul-Henri Spaak. Also from 1954 to 1956 Spaak and Rothschild worked together with Jean-Charles Snoy et d’Oppuers to the Treaty of Rome for the final signing of the treaty in 1957. Spaak said, I think we have restored the Roman Empire without a single shot was fired.


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