Saturday, October 26, 2013

US is #2 in Child Poverty, Romania #1

A study released earlier this month by the Southern Education Foundation found that nearly half of public school children in the United States were in poverty in the school year that ended in 2011. Of the worlds 45 wealthiest countries, the United States has the second-highest level of child poverty, coming in after Romania.

In addition, the SEF report finds:

• Half or more of the public school children in two regions --the South and West-- are low income, and a near majority of all students across the nation are low income (48 percent);

• Over the last ten years, the number of low income students have grown 3-4 times greater than the growth of per pupil expenditures in three of the four regions of the country;

• During the last decade, while achievement scores have increased for most student groups, huge gaps still remain between low income and higher income students-- particularly in regions where less is spent on students; and

• The achievement gap between low income and higher income students is as large or larger in private schools as in public schools. These findings update a 2007 report released by SEF, A New Majority: Low Income Students in the South's Public Schools. It documented how low income students had become a majority in the South's public schools for the first time in more than four decades.

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While the children try to learn on an empty stomach, U.S. CEO's are raking in the Big Bucks.
The top ten highest-paid CEOs in the United States each received $100 million in 2012, according to a survey by GMI Ratings reported Tuesday by the Guardian newspaper. Two chief executives each received over $1 billion, and the combined pay of the top ten CEOs was $4.7 billion.

Even as the wages of working people sink, the incomes of the super-rich continue to soar, buttressed by a surging stock market driven by massive cash infusions from the Federal Reserve.

“I have never seen anything like that,” Greg Ruel, the author of the report, told the Guardian. “Usually we have a few CEOs at the $100m-plus level, but never the entire top 10.”

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of the social media giant Facebook, received a staggering $2.27 billion, while Richard Kinder, head of energy company Kinder Morgan, took in $1.16 billion.

Three of the top earners headed technology companies, including Zuckerberg, Apple’s Tim Cook, who received $143.8 million, and Marc Benioff of, who took in $109.5 million.

Two others headed media companies. Mel Karmazin of Sirius XM Radio received $255.3 million, while Gregory Maffei received $254.8 million as head of Liberty Media and another $136.4 million as head of its sister company, Liberty Interactive.

In the retail sector, Edward Stack of Dick’s Sporting Goods received $142 million, while Howard Schultz of Starbucks took in $117.5 million.
Study says most corporations pay no U.S. income taxes

When the system is rigged to favor the rich, with the Federal Reserve handing out basically free money to those 'Too Big to Fail' Wall Street banks that is making the stock market lopsided, again in favor of the rich, while the same rich fucks complain about the poor being able to eat or get medical care or have a roof over their heads.

Sleazy multi-billionaires' like the Koch Brothers front groups that sound like the friend of the working person, like their "Americans for Prosperity," but actually savage what little rights the working poor have left.
The list is too long for a blog, but click here to see how the Koch's are fucking people over.

Another is the American Legislative Exchange Council, AKA 'ALEC,' that also has our paychecks in their greedy sites.

Go to your state's legislature, kick over a rock and you'll probably find an ALEC lobbyist slithering about.

Flu with that Burger? ALEC Wants Sick People Serving You Food

In just eight years, the number of billionaires has more than doubled, from 691 to 1,426.

Remember that the next time you wish you could afford to turn your thermostat up a degree to ward off the chill in your house.

Dems and Republicans demand Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid cuts


  1. The subservience of the "leadership" to all these forces, aligned with the idiotic insouciance of the general public means that we are screwed, Bro.

    These rich (and their henchmen) are squeezing the very last bit of wealth from the American economy, readying themselves to take advantage of new systems and places long ago planned for, orchestrated and now implemented, leaving us a dried out, decaying husk.

    The food riots alone will cull a great many. Then they round up the rest.

    Its been fun...


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