Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Evil Personified: The Mass-Murdering Laughing Hyena AKA Hillary Clinton

If there is a sicker, more sadistic, blood-thirsty bitch on the planet other than Hillary Clinton, can someone point that person thing out?

More psychotic laughing from that crazier than a shithouse rat Clinton. What a sick fuck.

(UNBELIVEABLE) Hillary Clinton laughs about possible war against Iran

In which she is hoping for another FALSE FLAG. Another FALSE FLAG like 9/11, you cunt?

More guffawing from that POS Hillary.

Michael Scheuer: Mrs Clinton Has Blood on her Hands Everywhere

This is one list, kept by the Clinton's you don't want to be on.

HRM Hillary is so well-liked hated, her Wikipedia page is locked.

Vince Foster, Hillary Clinton, and Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard were all simultaneously partners at Rose Law Firm.

One's dead, another is in prison and the other is running around getting paid 200K per speaking engagement.


  1. Why would anyone support her (or any of the war mongering death celebrators)?

    At this point, it should be obvious to the normal American that they are all psychopaths and are the end of America.

    So, the spy who stole countless US secrets and gave them to our enemy, Israel, was a partner of Hillary's?

    And some people still support that monster.

  2. Years ago I found a University site that specialized in detailed psychological analyses of various political leaders. What was said about Hillary included blind vain self driven ambition ruthlessness. That was the polite stuff.

    Did you know that when she left both the White House and the NYC mansion, she took a hefty part of the original furnishings as well?

    Studies into her on a persona level found her to be arrogant, rude, dismissive, racist, elitist, and among the foulest mouths I have heard on either gender. Might I add, Chelsea popped up as a chip off the old block over the years in terms of her elitism.

    Very interesting her connection to Pollard. Certainly worth remembering.

  3. Chelsea married a 'Tribe' member, so her political future is fixed.

    If we don't get the Clinton's out of politics once and for all, we'll see Chelsea running for office.

  4. Yep, BM, Pollard and HRM Hillary were good buds in Arkansas, and probably still are.

  5. Hey Greg,Steve Apple here,The trenches site is unreachable as well as Henry at his E-mail(he always respons right back) If you have any info it would ease my dire thoughts.

  6. The only terrorists are those who preside in government, and the corporate cabal members they work for. These criminals are implementing AGENDA 21 on humanity. Agenda 21 is a policy which calls for 90% of humanity to be exterminated. These people are psychopaths and must be stopped, not only for humanity's well being, but for their own, because they are a danger to everyone, including their self.

  7. Steve, I haven't been able to reach 'FTTWR' since this morning.

    Don't know what's going on, but it can't be good.

    The 'Kosher Nostra' is probably behind the problems.

  8. Hey Greg,Henry finally responded and explain,copied it for your viewing pleasure
    We are down right now and so is every other site on our network with Bluehost in reference to dedicated servers. The Bluehost representative tells me that the problem is the result of a power surge, followed by 100% failure of backup systems across the board. He says this has never happened before. He went on to say that the maximum effort is being put forth to correct the problem, though I believe they do not know exactly what the problem is yet and that is why they cannot give us an ETA on the fix. I believe Bluehost is doing everything they can to get us back up, hopefully no later than tomorrow morning. If not, the representative will be calling me and I will give a status update on the broadcast tomorrow.

    So, do you suppose they will compensate the site for the damage this is going to cause? I guess we will see.

    I am told the site can come back up at any time between this very second and the end of time. Keep checking back. :)

    Your friend,



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