Monday, November 4, 2013

George Galloway is a Fraud

Sure, when it comes to 'Boy George' making the right comments about the Khazar Land Thieves invading, occupying and ransacking Palestine, he makes the right comments, but when it comes to the real litmus test, who was really behind 9/11, Galloway falls in lockstep with his buddy Tony Blair.


  1. Georgie Porgie FAILS to nut-cuttin'.

    Let's be clear.

    ANYONE who parrots the official story or denigrates those of us who question the obvious lies and obfuscation from the power players who control this country and its media is a hack, liar or nincompoop who deserves nothing but scorn, ridicule and jail time for their cover-up.

    This smarmy asshole is a liar and agent provocateur.

  2. Too bad.(sigh) I had such high hopes that this man was on Truth's side.

    He fails the Truth test and is therefore not entitled to live in peace among good men.

    Do not Pass Go.
    Do Not Collect $200 Million.
    No Get Out Of Jail Free,Card.

  3. Are we talking about the retard in a leotard? I'm surprised this 'leader' of the Respect Party is still on the loose.

    Sorry, I don't know how to hotlink.

    But, this one really got my attention:

    I don't mind people having their little foibles but, how can anyone take this guy seriously?

  4. You will never find anyone on Main Stream Media telling the complete truth. They will either outright lie or they will lie by omission. For example, Max Keiser fails to mention that the criminals he exposes are all nasty fucking KIKES. Keiser is, in effect, lying by NOT mentioning what should be obvious. All the key players in the massive wealth transfer are either kike or psuedo-kike.

    "Come eat my warm beagle" Dick Jew-Lover Cheney


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