Sunday, November 17, 2013

How the Banksters are Spending Your Money

Money spent to keep those greedy bastards on top of the food chain for years to come, even forever, if we do nothing to get rid of that infestation that has been plaguing humanity for centuries.

The bogus story about Bin Laden being killed in 2011 was needed, since the banksters now want to start looting Africa and have directed their military puppets in the Pentagon to enlarge their presence in that beautiful country.

In each country that the banksters want to loot, we'll see--or have seen--false flags, like the recent one in Kenya, then 'suicide' bombers blowing themselves up or using vehicles packed with explosives to blow up a mosque or church or marketplace, or school.

Which will give self-righteous, phony SOB's like that crazier than a shithouse rat John McCain the forum he needs to foam at the mouth about how America needs to bring 'democracy and freedom' to the targeted nation and away we go, off on another Zionist war pig plan of destruction and wholesale theft of a nation's natural resources, or maybe just send in the 82nd Airborne to 'liberate' the country's gold stored in vaults.

N_11.17.13 photo Jack-heroes-6_zpse3f75593.jpg
U.S. military investing heavily in Africa

The Pentagon has begun a burst of spending in Africa, expanding its main base on the continent and investing in air facilities, flight services, telecommunications and electrical upgrades as the U.S. military deepens its footprint in a region with a rising threat of Islamist terrorism.
The "rising threat of Islamist terrorism?" Right, terrorists organized, funded and controlled by the Federal Reserve, those 'Too Big to Fail' Wall Street banks and Israel, who won't be impacted by any cut to their monthly welfare checks from Uncle Sam.

The article also babbles on about how an improved, longer runways at Manda Bay, Kenya is needed to support the Air Force's C-130, also known as the 'Gooney Bird.' The C-130 doesn't need improved runways, it can set down on improvised strips, but long range bombers do need these types of runways.

And more propaganda being spread around that shows Africa is in dire need of American help in the form of bombs, cruise missiles and drone attacks to keep the banksters happy and you occupied while they steal what's left of Main Street.

AF_11.17.13 photo africa_zps719345c5.jpg

Worried that Social Security won't be around when you turn 65? But the Air Force is covered, with money being spent on their planned year "2037 Bomber."


  1. Didn't know you had a military plane named after you, Gooney Bird :-)

    Remember Entebbe, 1976? The Israeli raid on Palestinian (and 2 German) so-called terrorists in Uganda who hijacked a plane from Tel Aviv? Maybe, in this case freedom fighter is more apt. The hijackers released all hostages right away except for the Jews and Israelis. The tribe had no problem landing a C130. Apparently that airport was built by an Israeli construction crew. Nitwityahoo's older brother got himself killed in that operation.

    Now, Colonel Tom Davis, PR man for AFRICOM states the US has only one military base in Africa, Camp Lemonnier in Djibouti. The rest are all temporary facilities and are probably running cheap. Yup.

    with a nice picture of Entebbe before and after.

    We better watch out for our pensions, the Feds are not going to print any extra money for us.

  2. Didn't know you had a military plane named after you, Gooney Bird :-)

    I love those 'Gooney Birds.' While in the 82nd Airborne, jumped out of a jet once, a helicopter and more than a few times out of a C-130. They ride rough, but are so dependable, the can land with only one engine working.

    As for jumping out of a jet, fuck that, it's too rough.


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