Saturday, November 2, 2013

How That Stolen NSA Intelligence is Used

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Israel has first dibs on the info, using that 'insider info' to help its Yid run businesses that are in competition with Gentile's in the same line of work. Israel also uses that stolen intelligence to help it's 'Too Big to Fail' Wall Street banks stay afloat and generate profits stolen from Main Street, that are laundered back to 'Stolenland' thru another Yid enterprise, the Federal Reserve.
Israel also uses that info to keep their Potomac whorehouse on Capitol Hill, paying off handsomely, giving money we don't have to thieves who have robbed the USA blind.
This is one of the JEW's best con games, their parasitic state, Israel, gets free money and weapons from America, who has to borrow the money at usurious rates from the JEW run Federal Reserve.

The JEW run hate organization, the ADL, uses some of that which is stolen to maintain files on anyone they might perceive to be an enemy. Which in the warped JEW mind, is everyone not a JEW.

It's used to blackmail current and potential future leaders of nations around the globe, to ensure that they are in lock-step with the Zionist goal of world domination. And does the same to the corrupt US Congress, so Israel knows who to throw money at in the next election and who to demonize and get voted out of office.

The purloined info us used by those JEW 'Too Big to Fail' Wall Street banks to game the stock market, so they can reap untold billions each year in illegal profits, at the expense of Main Street America, that is drowning in the debt created by the JEW owned Federal Reserve.

It's used by JEW traitors in our government to keep an around the clock eye on the United Nations to make sure that NO resolutions that show that Israel has committed war crimes or crimes against humanity against the indigenous Palestinians succeed in passing.

The info is also used to keep the Pentagon brass inline, so they'll always back our 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel.' Those that don't, get shown the door and some brainwashed JEW ass-kisser is promoted in their place.

jinsa_11.02 photo jin_zpsc4a1dff7.jpg

And the FBI, which stands for 'Fully Backing Israel' uses some of that stolen data to set up disillusioned Muslim youths and entrap them into staging a FALSE FLAG, with money and weapons supplied by the FBI, led on and incited by JEW MOSSAD agents here in the USA, posing as Muslims.

They lead them on until they need a breaking news stories to distract the GOYIM from some Wall Street or WH or Congressional scandal or when the FBI's budget or reason for existence is being debated, then spring the trap and parade the duped Muslim youths in front of the JEW MSM like some kind of hunting trophy.
And to keep Americans terrified of 'al CIA Duh' so they'll bleat "SAVE US" and beg the government to totally trash the Bill of Rights.

As for as actually investigating those that might wish to harm the USA, and considering the number of innocents we've blown to bits over the decades, that could be quiet a list, the NSA doesn't have time for that.

NSA, DEA, IRS Lie About Fact That Americans Are Routinely Spied On By Our Government: Time For A Special Prosecutor

From the always excellent Lasha Darkmoon blog, "Darkmoon," a comment left by 'lobro.'
americans should unite against jewish perfidy and solve the problem for good.

as long as there is such a thing as a jew (the package: talmud, rabbinical judaism, kabbalah, synagogues, shuls, yeshivas, jewish holidays, secret languages, exclusionary assembles, secret organizations, dual loyalties and citizenships, holocaust lies and scams, banking and media guilds and cabals), there will be existential threat to human life on earth.

outlaw every single item in the package on the harshest penalty extant, eg, treason, crimes against humanity and like, and the solution is in sight.
in 2-3 generations, the children will never even know there used to be a child devouring ogre of the fables known as jew.


  1. I like the way lobro thinks.

    I heard a Spingola interview on the road where they discussed the military brass being "let go" from the nuke leadership positions. The replacement was a Jew.

    One has to wonder if those in power are culling the ones that refuse to use the nukes and are assigning those (like a murderous Jew) that have no qualms with pushing that button.

  2. lobro has always been a delight to read.

    That JINSA link is scary, showing how far gone our military is.

  3. how far gone is our military?
    saw this yesterday and shivered with disgust but now, here, it seems appropriate

  4. I once told my brother in law, that if you want world peace, blow up Israel.
    He just laughed. I was disappointed with his response but, I was dead serious.

  5. Lee, if Israel did not exist, the world would be a much more peaceful place.

    Eventually, their arrogance and greed will be their downfall.

  6. -
    is it real will be the first to go
    that will solve but one problem

    this battle is waged within
    only there is the solution

    we are fighting for realization
    they cannot let go of the prize

    or they will trod a barren wasteland
    only ruins to remind them


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