Friday, November 8, 2013

"No, Alex Jones, it's not the 'Globalists' wrecking our country"

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Alex Jones, AKA Captain Blowhard, wants to make you think it's some shadowy conspiracy known as 'globalists' that are wrecking havoc with our nation.

And there is an even bigger band of well-organized professional tricksters trying 24/7 to pull the wool over your eyes.

'Mikey' Rivero says it's the 'money junkies' that area threat to humanity, which is another lie. A lie hiding the truth very skillfully.

And no, Henry Makow, it's not the 'Illuminati,' though he likes to poison your mind with tall tales of the Illuminati doing the world in thru an ages old conspiracy.

And no, Texxe Marrs, it's not 33rd degree Masons, hiding behind secret handshakes.

And no, Dublin Mick, it's not the Vatican running rampant thru the world's financial system. Most of the time they're tied up, so to speak, covering up a world-wide pedophilia racket.

And no, CNN, FOX, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, etc. it's not radical Islamists, Muslim 'fundies' or American 'lone wolves.'

And no, 'Barry Sotero,' the Pentagon and State Department, it's not al Qaeda, but it is part of 'al CIA Duh.'

It's the JEWS baby, it's the JEWS.

Whether its the latest looting of Main Street by another con artist Tribe Member, stealing huge sums of money from Main Street, finally getting caught, then only having to pay back a small amount in a fine, and walking away with billions.

Or the looting of Wall Street back in the 1980's when the 'junk bond king,' Milliken got caught and slapped on the wrist, paid back a fraction of what he help steal, did a little time, but got his JEW doctors to cry for and receive mercy to get out of prison, then get back into his thieving ways AGAIN, it's the JEWS baby, it's the JEWS.

You could also add in Ivan Boesky, friend of Milliken who plundered billions and billions, then got a slap on the wrist, did a little jail time and still lives like a king on his stolen loot.

Or the ones that 'MADOFF' with over 50 TRILLION during the planned 2008 wreck of the nation's economy, one that we may never recover from, not as long as JEWS control the illegal and immoral Federal Reserve, which should be shut down, but you won't hear or see that on 'TalmudVision' or in the JEW York Times, since it's the greatest con game of history, right next to another JEW con, the holocau$t.

Let's not forget the 'Chosen Ones' who told hundreds of lies about Iraq to scare America into getting behind the illegal and immoral invasion of the once-prosperous country, and now laugh about how easy it was to get that war started.

And now this same bunch of sadists, psychopaths, thieves, liars and mass-murderers are telling you LIES about Syria and Iran, hoping you'll be stupid enough to fall again for more JEW tricks and lies.

DON'T. Don't fall for the nefarious tricks that have bedeviled humanity since recorded history, including the lies to get the USA involved in WWI and JEW manipulation leading up to WWII, to get the JEW criminal gangster hideout of Israel established.

Just remember....IT'S THE JEWS BABY, IT'S THE JEWS.


  1. A video I did a while back which is a great addendum to your post:

    Adolf Rothschild would approve.

  2. Baby, It's Jew. Didn't the Shirelles sing that back in the day?

    Personal trivia report:
    I was a backing member of a show band for one of the original Shirelles, Ms. Vessie Simmons. The blog's title got thinking again.

  3. I've been reading that book, "Den of Thieves," about Wall Street thievery in the 1980's and damn near every crook named, and there are plenty, is a Jew.

    Along with Alan Dershowitz being retained and screaming the charges were anti-Semitic.

    Amazing, the gall of those people.

    And now it repeated in the 2008 Wall Street crash, with the same Tribe at the forefront of the looting and the ADL screaming accusations were anti-Semitic.

  4. If Darryl Bradford Smith likes you you must be an atheist, Jew, mongrel or all 3.

  5. Shlomo says lets find the home addresses of the stockholders of the fed and publish them.If we can get that info then we can do something that will change this situation.I for one will lay my life down for this cause.If you can help getting this info i will be eternally grateful.

  6. That is very clever Greg. It is nice you are learning about the Jews however I would suggest you work on some of the higher levels they have penetrated and that includes the vatican. Maybe you can understand this, Maybe not.

    So what are we doing profiling John Paul II? Well, a researcher has delved into the Wojtyla family tree, and proclaims the Pope's mother, Emilia Kaczorowska, was born Emilia Katz. We do know for a fact that young Karol spent a lot of time in the Jewish community in his birth town of Wadowice. And the researcher cites those supposed Jewish roots as the reason for Karol going into hiding during World War II, something that would have not been necessary if he was 100% Polish.

    It is the same for Benedict

    In fact Loyola himself was Jewish.

    The jesuits are infested with them.

    What is it you do not understand about this?


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