Thursday, November 14, 2013

The JEW is Bastardizing Thanksgiving

Is there nothing sacred in the USA to the JEW?

Now the masters of deception are taking over the American holiday of Thanksgiving, not content with JEWing up Christmas to make it appear that the Christian holiday on December 25th is some kind of benevolent 'Tribe' gift which we must pay for, and letting us know who's really in charge by banning the Nativity Scene from the White House lawn, and installing a massive menorah instead.

The JEW, not satisfied with defecating on the Christian holiday on December 25, is now craftily moving to take over Thanksgiving, by calling it 'Thanksgivukkah,' a bastardization of Thanksgiving combined with the JEW black magic worship of Hanukkah.

TS_11.13.13 photo TH_zps107eb02e.jpg

The JEW is in control of the world's largest counterfeiting racket, the Federal Reserve, the US Treasury, those 'Too Big to Fail' Wall Street banks, the State Department, the WH and uses Congress like its own personal brothel, and tells us GOYIM we can't have Nativity Scenes, and now they want our Thanksgiving?

The greedy JEW is not content with defecating on our holiday of Thanksgiving by calling it 'Thanksgivukka,' some of the 'Tribe' are demanding even more concessions, by calling the Christian holy day of December 25 ''Chanksgiving.'

Always with a greedy eye towards profiting off anything their fingers touch, the JEW has trademarked 'Thanksgivukkah.'

Even the THANKSGIVING DAY Macy's Parade is being JEWed up by having a float of a JEW outhouse relic, something called the 'dreidel,' which looks like a toilet paper holder.

The JEW is even calling the traditional bird used to THANKSGIVING, the turkey, the 'menurkey,' and writing manifestos lamenting that Americans are being resistant to fully embrace JEWism during THANKSGIVING.

Other JEWs are slithering around, stealthily inserting more BS into the feeble American mind, trying to confuse us GOYIM by linking our THANKSGIVING with some JEW lie about some great victory in the past

And using 'JEWtube' to peddle more Talmudic nonsense about the 'JEWification' of THANKSGIVING.

What's next, will the JEW take over Easter and depict Christ being crucified not on a cross, but a Star of David? Oops, that might be too close to the truth.

Since Judaism isn't a religion, but a criminal syndicate, the JEW will use every chance to insert sly propaganda into your mind, turning you into a sock puppet that will gleefully recite JEW lies on demand.

Don't. Don't fall for more JEW hucksterism, lies and mind-numbing slop. The real THANKSGIVING will be when Americans celebrate the death of that Star of David parasitic organism that is always sending our sons, daughters, fathers mothers and friends off to fight JEW wars, including the one they are slyly ginning up against Iran.

This year, celebrate THANKSGIVING with your fellow GOY Americans and let the JEW celebrate whatever they wish to conjure up when they worship their G-d, Lucifer.


  1. What's next, we all have to start speaking yiddish?

    But when you look at this:

    I'm not surprised in the least.

  2. That's quite a list of sold-out leaders of the free(?) world.

    Couldn't view it all, since it made me nauseous.

  3. Almost time to dig out my annual Merry Christmas Off WIth Your Head series! Thanks for the reminder.


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