Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The JEW Threatens to Nuke Manhattan & Murder Obama

Why not, Israel attacked the USA on 9/11 and not only got away without any repercussions, they also got their bitches in Congress to start funding and fighting 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel,' that has cost the USA a tremendous amount of blood and wealth.
America has never been in greater danger than it is now. The battle between the US and Israel has always been fought on a covert level, but recently this hidden conflict has been coming closer to the surface – and is now about ready to erupt above ground. If the President hasn’t put America’s defenses on a state of high alert, then he isn’t doing his duty to defend the country.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has found plenty he doesn’t like, and the signals he and his government are sending must be taken seriously.

For just one example, here’s what Naftali Bennett, the economics minister and member of the extremist "Homeland" party, had to say about the agreement:

"In five years from now a nuclear suitcase explodes in New York or Madrid, it will be because of the deal that was signed this morning."

What’s interesting about this prepared statement – it wasn’t just an off the cuff remark – is that Bennett doesn’t say who would be responsible for that nuclear suitcase. I mean, can we assume he means the Iranians will do it – or is he threatening the US with the specter of Israeli retaliation? Given the anger level in Tel Aviv right now, I think that’s a fair question.

Nothing like a 'Star of David' shaped mushroom cloud, rising over downtown Manhattan, to get the juices flowing for more 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel.'

The JEW must be careful where he places that suitcase nuke in NYC, he doesn't want to take out his favorite MSM propaganda outlets, like FOX and ZNN.

Israel Lobbyist suggests False Flag attack to start war with Iran

The JEW spies that helped pull off the Zionist False Flag on 9/11.

The JEW is lashing out at the dreaded 'P' word, peace, since that state of affairs would not help cover up the decades of genocide being perpetuated against the indigenous Palestinians by the racist bigots running Israel.

USA must stop kissing Israeli ass

The JEW wants to assassinate Obama, to teach that uppity GOY you don't talk with Israel's existential enemies, which is pretty much the entire non-Jew world.

Militia Leader Publicly Threatens President: “We Now Have Authority to Shoot Obama”

It wouldn't be the first time Israel murdered an American president.

Garrow & Rush: Obama Should Be Tried And Executed Over Mythical EMP Plot

If an EMP device is exploded over the USA, it will have a Star of David emblem on its side.

Don't forget about all those missing Libyan surface to air missiles, rumored to be in the thousands.

If an American airliner is attacked by one, it will be compliments of that psychotic State of Hate, our 'ally' and friend, Israel.


  1. Nothing would surprise me from those maniacs. However, I would find it very hard to believe that they would attack NY City, the hub of all things Jew.

    That being said, it might behoove someone with the tenacity (and time) to monitor all those Jewish scumbags in high finance, media, and government for any quick departures from the city. Perhaps keeping an eye on their investments might give a clue to when this might happen, as well.

    All the "little Jews" are expendable to the maniacs. But those who control things will be given notice, just like on 911.

  2. A suitcase nuke would raise hell, but the damage would be limited, so the JEW could mass murder many GOYIM, and if a few of their own got toasted, probably all the better for those sick fucks, since it would be another layer of BS to add to their endless pity party whining.


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