Friday, November 1, 2013

VIDEO: What the JEW Does When Caught Committing Fraud

How dare the FBI go after G-d's Chosen Ones for merely rearranging the lives of some married?

G-d will have His revenge on you GOY swine, for daring to interfere with our scams, cons, grifts, swindles, thieving and plundering of you GOY cattle.
"Get the f*** outta here motherf****s! Get outta here!"

That was his comment after their religious community was caught on doing money laundering.

"Get the f*** outta here motherf****s! Get outta here!"

FBI raids Monsey yeshiva in divorce-gang probe


  1. It's good to see these low level thugs get put out of business. We need to see more of those higher up the ladder go down next but as of now they have a little more protection.

  2. It's coming, my dear friend. It is coming.


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