Saturday, November 30, 2013

What the JEW is willing to sacrifice

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The JEW is willing to sacrifice your money, which will go to supporting an increasing number of holocau$t survivors who continue their parasitical ways of getting GOY to support them.

The JEW is willing to sacrifice your job, closing down the factory you worked at so the business can move to Israel and support that nation of leeches.

The JEW is willing to sacrifice your home, stolen by JEW owned Wall Street banks, to keep those grave-robbing casinos open.

The JEW is willing to sacrifice your children, relatives and friends, used as cannon fodder fighting endless wars for Israel and World Jewry.

The JEW is willing to sacrifice your economy, which is being bled dry by JEW owned Wall Street banks, protected by the JEW owned FED, fleecing this country of an immense amount of wealth, which is used to prop up Israel.

The JEW is willing to sacrifice your Christian religion, which is being twisted and distorted by Zionist Christian preachers, who now instruct their flock to worship not Jesus Christ, but the holocau$t.

The JEW is willing to sacrifice your sanity, which will come undone and attacked when you start asking questions about why the USA is falling apart and why does the Congress spend an obscene amount of time enacting laws to help Israel, while ignoring the dissolution of our nation.

The JEW is willing to sacrifice your freedom, by stealthily enacting laws that will be used against those who question the lies surrounding their biggest con in history, the holocau$t.

The JEW is willing to sacrifice the world in a nuclear holocaust, setting off a world-wide war if the psychos in charge of Israel think their nation is in danger of being held to account for their numerous crimes against humanity.

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All of this and more the JEW is willing to sacrifice, so stop your bitching and gladly offer yourself up to be gutted on the altar of Judaism.

The Illuminati Hoax Khazar Jews Plot To Confuse and Divide Humanity

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