Saturday, December 21, 2013

9/11: Saudi Arabia, Your Next

Remember the original LIE about the 9/11 attacks, that it was 19 'al CIA Duh' agents who committed the crime, with 15 of those being from Saudi Arabia.

Curiously, the Saudi Arabia angle got lost in the days following the FALSE FLAG, with Americans being led around by the JEW MSM, being taught to hate all Muslims and all enemies of Israel, which is pretty much any and all GOY nations on the Earth.

Now, the Saudi Arabia angle is coming back, again courtesy of the JEW MSM, to give Americans another country to hate and demand they be 'shocked and awed' back to the Stone Age.

The 9/11 mastermind, Israel, realizes that more and more people are realizing that our 'ally' and special friend, the psychotic State of Hate, Israel, was the ringleader in that attack and they are using their JEW MSM outlets to point towards Saudi Arabia to give Americans an outlet to vent their wrath against, and to keep Israel's role in that heinous backstabbing in the dark.

I'm no friend of Saudi Arabia, but if you want to eradicate a lice infestation in your house, you use pesticide against the little buggers in your house, not against the lice two blocks away.

Is Zyklon-B still available?

 photo 911-jewish-mafia-silverstein-mossad.jpg

Zionist JEW Rupert Murdoch, whose media empire told many a lie about 9/11 and pushed endless lies about Iraq before the Pentagon smashed that nation, is now one of the prime movers pushing the lies about SA.

Senator Bob Graham On Bush-Saudi-9/11 Coverup

Did The Saudi Government Fund The 9/11 Attacks?

Written by Paul Sperry, a media fellow at Stanford University's Hoover Institution, where 9/11 criminal Condi Rice has been hiding out.

Inside the Saudi 9/11 "Coverup"

US court reopens lawsuit against Saudi Arabia for its possible role in 9/11.

The chief judge for the U.S. Court of Appeals in New York, is Robert KATZMANN and the U.S. Supreme Court justice overseeing the court is Ruth GINSBERG. How cozy is that arrangement?

Congressional Whores for Israel Threatening the USA

911 Consensus Points Contradict The Government Lies Part III
First, there were over 300 security cameras at Dulles International Airport on September 11, 2001, which retained their images for 30 days, and which were painstakingly examined by information systems technicians and monitored by federal agents. The US government did not release a single time-stamped video or any of the images from these 300 security cameras.

Although the 9/11 Commission reported that (alleged) hijackers al-Mihdhar and Moqed passed the Dulles security checkpoint and were recorded on closed circuit television (CCTV) at 7:18 AM, and that Hani Hanjour was recorded on the same CCTV at 7:35 AM, two researchers have pointed out that “a normal security video has time and date burned into the integral video image by proprietary equipment according to an authenticated pattern, along with camera identification and the location that the camera covered. The video released in 2004 contained no such data.”
300 security cameras and none could capture an image of those 'al CIA Duh' hijackers?
Eight Pilots on the Doomed 9/11 Flights: Not One “Squawked” the Universal Hijack Code

Pilots are trained to “squawk” the universal hijack code (7500) on a transponder if they receive evidence of an attempted hijacking, thereby notifying FAA controllers on the ground. But leading newspapers and the 9/11 Commission pointed out that FAA controllers were not notified.3

A CNN story said that pilots are trained to send the hijack code “if possible.”4 But entering the code takes only two or three seconds, whereas it took hijackers, according to the official story, more than 30 seconds to break into the pilots’ cabin of Flight 93.5

The fact that not one of the eight pilots performed this required action casts serious doubt on the hijacker story.
9/11 - The Great American Psy-Opera


  1. Hi Greg,

    I'm back! Even though I was "invisible" for few months, stopped by your site almost everyday & religiously..I will say! :D

    Few months ago, when graham cracker (*giggle*) was on RT's "Breaking the set", he was pushing that Saudi-9/11 connection, had to turn off immediately.

    Rupert Murdoch & Inc. lie? NOOOO..this can't be true! Recently foxy news babe Megyn Kelly was telling us that Jesus was a white man!

    Kelly said Wednesday: "Jesus was a white man, too. It's like we have, he's a historical figure that's a verifiable fact, as is Santa, I just want kids to know that.

    I though Faux news is all for reporting nothing but the hard news...or is it giving hard on to all the overweight bubbas out there? Eeekie!

    9-11 wouldn't be complete without OBL. America's latest sweetheart - that Duck Dynasty clan patriarch Phil Robertson looks just like OBL, except he is pushing XZtianism to the masses, and they seem to can't get enough of him.

  2. M, what's really scaring the hell out of Megan and many 'Christians' is the thought that Jesus doesn't have that lily-white skin color that is portrayed in all those statutes and paintings in so many Christian churches, he might be.. gasp..brown-skinned or worse, a 'darkie.'


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