Monday, December 2, 2013

All Hail WalMart

People Beat Each Other Up Over Towels At Walmart On Black Friday

Who needs the 'Protocols' when the PTB have a dumbed-down American society that acts like animals over towels?


  1. I agree, thankfully I was able to convince my son (30y old) to not shop on Black Friday, Sat. or Sunday. The sales are fake most of the time, you can get good deals all through the year. And who wants to face the out of control mob at a shopping mall. Never mind finding a parking spot.

    You're right, who needs the protocols anymore when almost everything in them has been accomplished. Q.E.D. If people are so easily manipulated, which was the intention, goy oh boy, we're in trouble.

  2. MN, between the sports worship and the rampant consumerism, we don't need to be conquered from without, we've already done ourselves in from within.

  3. No one in this household is allowed to spend a penny on Black Friday.

    Anywhere or for any thing.

  4. I don't shop on BF nor on Cyber Monday, in fact, other than groceries and the occasional item needed to do work on the house, I don't buy gadgets from the American slop factory.

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