Monday, December 16, 2013

Is Ukraine anti-Semitic?

Wikipedia has an article about nasty anti-Semites in Ukraine, so it must be true, huh?

This article speaks that well-worn phrase while urging Ukraine to join the EU.

Another article goes into detail about who owns the Ukrainian mass media. You get one guess.
"Ukrainians need to know that the mass media is completely in the hands of Jews, and everything that we watch or read is the product of Jewish ideology…"
Try and expose the truth in Ukraine, by naming names and asking questions and you'll get your newspaper, with 500,000 readers, shut down.

Jews also have their tentacles dug in deep in Ukrainian banks and uh, uh....Got distracted. For a moment there, got confused, thinking this blog was about the USA.

The Ukraine has an abundance of rich farmland, but that didn't stop the USSR Commie Jews from mass-murdering, thru engineered starvation, millions and millions of Ukrainians in 1932-33, in a holocaust called the Holodomor.

Ukraine also has a huge amount of natural resources, like iron ore, coal, manganese, natural gas, oil, salt, sulfur, graphite, titanium, magnesium, kaolin, nickel and timber. That alone ought to make any Wall Street gangster drool.

So the banksters send in one of their favorite hit men, 'Insane' McCain, to stir things up and hopefully, take over that nation so they can begin looting its natural resources. The CIA tried this with their "Orange Revolution" back in 2004, but failed to bust open that nation so the Wall Street sharpies can loot and plunder while Ukrainians starve under the austerity that the world-wide banking cabal has imposed on Spain, Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Cyprus and the USA.
Current street tactics resemble 2004. In 1997, RAND Corporation researchers John Arquilla and David Ronfeld developed them. They titled their concept “Swarming & the Future of Conflict.”

It involves waging war by other means. It exploits the information revolution. It takes full advantage of “network-based organizations linked via email and mobile phones to enhance the potential of swarming.”

Ukraine got 'swarmed' to hell and gone when the Bolshevik Jews starved to death millions back in 1932.

Do the Ukrainians have to learn that horrible lesson again?

The 'paper of record' the New York Times, says that the Holodomor didn't happen when it was happening.

When you watch this doc on the Holodomor, see if some of the pics of death you see weren't used in that Jew scam called the 'Shoah.'

People of Ukraine, just say "NO" to the European banksters that want to invade your nation. If you fall for their lies and join the EU, it won't be long before 'al CIA Duh' starts blowing up vehicles, markets and Ukrainians.

Ukraine besieged by Jewish Lobby

A U.S. State Department report this month singled out Ukraine, along with Hungary and Greece, as places of “concern” because of growing anti-Semitic parties.


  1. Hi Greg!
    thanks for the link too

    anti-semitic = thinks for oneself

  2. Yes, Penny, anti-Semitic covers a world of sins.

  3. It's a trick used by psychopaths. The accuser projects or reflects what they truly are, inside.

    Antisemitic: This term is used by Jews who have absolutely no connection to the Semitic regions.

    Racist: This term is used by blacks in America to justify their ignorance, abuse, theft, greed and avarice.

    It is no secret that Jews use blacks as a distraction and puppets. Look at the fool/puppet on the Hill presently.

    Ukrainians need to watch out for people like John McCain. He was in Syria organizing support for the terrorist hoping to bring down Bashir Assad.

    McCain is a boot licker for the Jews in Congress.

    However, the powers that rules are getting sloppy and making mistakes. They are becoming so arrogant, they are not hiding their schemes from the referees back. They are doing it openly.

    Pride comes before the fall.

    Justice will prevail.

    Peace on Earth to all and Merry Christmas.


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