Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Meet Two Zionist War Pig Machines

One is called the "Intelligence and National Security Alliance," and was formed to " bring together professionals in the intelligence field, primarily employees of the National Security Agency, and to help members keep abreast of intelligence and national security community issues."

They also serve as a "...unique venue for collaboration, networking, and dialogue...for members of the Intelligence Community seeking answers to the day's most inscrutable technological and policy issues."

This past Fall, they held some kind of a 'summit,' where many of the usual suspects gather to brag about how good they are, piss and moan about getting their budgets cut during sequestration and get each other sexually aroused with talk of more wars to come, to defeat an enemy out there, somewhere, trust us, we know what we're doing, just hand over more of your money and the rest of your liberties and you'll be safe.

Their Board of Directors reads like a gathering of death dealers, with Raytheon, BAE Systems, General Dynamics, Boeing, CACI, Lockheed Martin, Northop Grumman and others.

The other Zionist War Pig Machine is the Washington DC heavy-hitter firm of Booz Allen Hamilton, which has probably raised more hell and caused more grief in the ME and SW Asia than any other Zionist outlet.

The really nasty, bloody killings that even the CIA doesn't like to do, gets turned over to Booz Allen Hamilton.

They've even dedicated part of their mission to make sure that the 'peace dividend' talk that started to bloom in the 1990's never again raises its head.

As long as maniacs like INSA and Booz Allen Hamilton are allowed to flourish unseen and unmolested behind the scenes in DC, we'll keep fighting endless wars.

Question: Why is Booz Allen Hamilton spending enormous sums of money on what is called the "caBIG "Cancer biomedical Informatics Grid?"

Are they developing some kind of biological weapon for their fellow Zionist blood suckers?

Booz Allen Hamilton helped torture people at Abu Ghraib.


This Is What Bush And Obama Did For Israel In Your Name: Anything George Bush can do, Barack Obama can do better and here are the pictures to prove it.

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