Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Getting Beat to Death by Police Thugs

Kelly Thomas before getting beat to death by Fullerton's 'finest.'

KellyThomas_1.14.14 photo KT_1_zps64af890b.jpg

Kelly Thomas wasn’t beaten to death by a thugscrum of eight police officers; he simply happened to die while they were striking, kicking, and choking him. That’s what Dr. Steven Karch would have us believe, or at least pretend to.

Manuel Ramos and Jay Cincinelli, who were among the six Fullerton, California officers involved in the July 5, 2011 gang beating of Thomas, are currently on trial for involuntary manslaughter and second-degree murder.

Karch was paid handsomely to peddle puerile lies on behalf of the defense.
Thomas, who had no criminal record, was repeatedly tasered and beaten with batons while the assailants chanted the shared refrain of rapists and police officers: “Stop resisting!”

At one point, Cincinelli – frustrated that Thomas didn’t simply submit and die – clubbed the victim in the face with the butt of his Taser. (“We ran out of options,” Cincinelli later explained, “so I got the end of my Taser and I … just smashed his face to hell.”) Numerous eyewitnesses testified that the attack continued long after Thomas was inert and motionless.

Prior to Karch’s testimony, the Orange County coroner and the trauma surgeon who had treated Thomas testified that the slender, troubled homeless man died as a result of oxygen deprivation caused by prolonged chest compression and repeated blunt facial trauma during the seven-minute onslaught. Unlike Karch, those medical professionals had first-hand involvement in the case.

Karch never met Kelly Thomas while he was alive, nor did he examine his mortal remains after Fullerton’s paladins of public order had protected and served him into an irreversible coma. His testimony was both untainted by fact and untouched by doubt: In his view, Thomas died as a result of drug use, not from the lethal ministrations of the State’s punitive priesthood.

Speaking with a certitude unencumbered by facts, Karch insisted that Thomas died from “methamphetamine cardiomyopathy.” As it happens, the toxicology report on Thomas’s remains showed that he had no trace of alcohol or drugs in his system at the time of his death.

This doesn’t matter, insisted Karch, because Thomas was a meth user decades ago, which could have left him with both a weakened heart and a tendency to have sudden, unpredictable psychotic episodes.

Kelly Thomas was entirely responsible for his own death, according to Karch, beginning with the supposed “psychotic episode” that triggered the confrontation with the police. Apparently, Thomas’s earlier drug abuse had also endowed the 160-lb. man with superhuman strength.

“It’s not easy to throw a half-dozen policemen around,” Karch stated on the witness stand, breezily revising an incident in which Thomas was pinned down and helpless, his face being beaten into an unrecognizable mass while he cried out for his father. “I can’t imagine a situation in which I’d fight with six police officers.”

Thomas most likely would have agreed with that assessment, given that he did everything he could to avoid the confrontation Ramos was irrationally determined to provoke. If the oft-misused term “psychotic” applies to the events of that evening, it would best be used to describe the behavior of the assailants, rather than the victim.

After making contact with Thomas, Ramos mocked, taunted, and harassed the mentally troubled man before devising an excuse to attack him.

“See these fists?” Ramos gloatingly said as he snapped on a pair of latex gloves. “They’re getting ready to f**k you up.”
Sourced from "Pro Liberate"

Mr. Thomas after getting beat to death by the cops.

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"To Serve and Protect" and break your fucking neck, is the motto these days of over-staffed, overpaid and rotten to the core police departments across the USA.

UPDATE: These murderous thugs were acquitted of all charges.


  1. Don't hold you're breath Greg.

    They've effectively lobotomized
    most of the morons we call the
    "American People".

    They're masters at psych warfare.
    Most would watch their own children
    slaughtered by these monsters.
    It's why you saw millions try to kill each other over GTA5 at Christmas.
    DBS is right. Most people are just cowards.

  2. Yes, 'argh,' cowards who also enjoy being slaves, as long as they can keep going into debt buying Wal Mart junk and watch reality shows on the TV.


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