Tuesday, January 7, 2014

More Mind-Numbing Hollywood Propaganda...

Which is no surprise, but will these ethnic gangsters ever tire of pushing their schlocky lies, BS and propaganda or is that like asking the Sun to rise in the West?

There's "Lone Survivor," coming out in a few days, a story designed to get our blood flowing hot again so we'll support, or at least keep quiet, about US troops being stationed in Afghanistan, with no end in sight.
Set during the War in Afghanistan, the film dramatizes the failed United States Navy SEALs mission Operation Red Wings, in which four SEAL teammates were tasked to capture or kill Taliban leader Ahmad Shah.
Who just happens to resemble that favorite US/Israel boogieman, Bin Laden!

Starring that 'fine' Shakespearean actor, Markey Mark Wahlberg, a fact alone that ought to dissuade anyone from watching his latest futile attempts at acting.

But the poppy fields must be protected to keep funneling hundreds of billions a year into the coffers of those 'Too Big to Fail' Wall Street synagogues.

Then there's "300: Rise of an Empire," a prequel to the gruesome "300," a movie that was supposed to fill American hearts with hatred for the Iranians.

Hmm, so who would want to soil American minds with putrid lies about the beautiful Iranian people so we'd 'Shock and Awe' them to rubble?

Also plopping out into the toilet is "Noah," which puts into a very positive light a certain group of ethnic Satanic worshipers, which might be delayed, due to "Worrisome" feedback from largely religious audiences at test screenings...".

Huh, now who would be raising Hell about a Hollywood film?

A certain 'Tribe' that felt the movie didn't have enough brain-washing segments?

And we also have another Kosher Lie, the Biblical fairy tale of the "Exodus," due out sometime in 2014. Although it's been proven several times that there was NO Jew exodus from Egypt, that doesn't stop the Hollywood 'death panels' from seeking out your brain for enslavement.

This is one Bible tale I could believe, since the basic premise is that the Hebrews--forerunners of the JEW--stole a vast amount of wealth from the Pharaoh of Egypt and then hit the road, trying to abscond with someone else's wealth.

Hey, they ought to set that story in Wall Street! With Lloyd Blankfein starring as 'Moses,' looting the wealth of Americans, now that's a role that's believable, since it's true.

One more is "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit," which story begins around 9/11, so look for plenty of mind warping reinforcement to protect the original lies.


  1. Every great 3rd temple needs to line it's walls with heroes and exalted persons of the first rail of Abraham.The 64$ question of this age. Who's so special now, staring the "72 Judges".

  2. Who's so special now, staring the "72 Judges"

    Oh, I used to watch that show, the set up man would introduce the main MC by saying "Here's Yonni!"

  3. Wow! i enjoyed that video! Is it my imagination, or are excellent videos, on You Tube, becoming easier to find? Lately, i have been swamped with really fascinating vids. There must be more cross referencing going on. Google, seemingly, knows what i like. I have mixed feelings about it cuz it violates my privacy but simultaneously I get soo many great vids. Oh well


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