Sunday, January 5, 2014

"OMG! Another holocau$t Survivor?"---NOT!!!

That would be Diane von Fürstenberg, or as some of the more comically inclined have named her, Diane von FIRST in BED.
Diane Simone Michelle Halfin was born in Brussels, Belgium to Jewish parents. Her father was Romanian-born Leon (Lipa) Halfin, who immigrated to Belgium from Chişinău (then Bessarabia province of Romania and now the capital of Moldova) in 1929. Her mother was Greek-born Liliane Nahmias, a Holocaust survivor. Just 18 months before Diane was born, her mother was in the Auschwitz concentration camp.
Except Diane was born in December 1946, so her mother was impregnated sometime around March 1946. Go back another nine months and we arrive at June 1945, when her Mommie was supposed to be in Auschwitz, but the Germans had abandoned Auschwitz in November 1944, and the Jews that were still there fled with the Germans, rather than stay and greet their Kosher Komrades in the Red Army, so how was Diane's mother in Auschwitz seven months after it had been abandoned?

Of course, her Mommie was in Auschwitz, the JEW choice of lies that perpetuate the biggest scam of all history, the holocau$t. Why, those nasty Germans even removed all FOUR MILLION MASS GRAVES when the Soviet Army was approaching in November 1944!

Right, and I have some 'Hope and Care' for sale! Can you imagine trying to disinter FOUR MILLION CORPSES, during the eve of Winter in Poland, at the end of WWII, when the German Army had its hands full fighting the Rothschilds Armies in the West, South and East?

The article doesn't say what the Germans did with FOUR MILLION CORPSES, maybe they turned them into soap? Naw, maybe they burnt all those hundreds of millions of bones? Later in the same article, it says that Polish residents looted the Auschwitz mass graves, looking for gold, so did we just read another LIE about the holocau$t?

One part of the Wikipeida article revises the holocau$t lies about four million JEWS being gassed at Auschwitz, while another part says that there were four million buried in mass graves.

So, which lie should you believe?

The pic below lets you know the kind of nasty people working at the Auschwitz spa, frequented by thousands of Jews to get their sex freak on!

01.04.14 photo Shewolf_zpsb012da0b.jpg

According to that 'fount of knowledge,' Wikipedia, which has locked down the Auschwitz article, "The camp's liberation received little press attention at the time." Wow, wonder why?

Because the Jews running things in Soviet Russia wanted to, "... for propaganda purposes, in minimizing attention to Jewish suffering"

Why of course, Jews always try to minimize the attention to Jewish suffering, right?

Or maybe the camp didn't receive any attention since it was just a slave-labor camp, one of many around the world during WWII and the JEW propaganda machine was still fine-tuning the whopper of a tale that would become the holocau$t, siccing it on gullible Americans in time for the birth of that racist, bigoted State of Hate, Israel.

Of all the holocau$t stories I've read, can't recall a damn one that turned out to be true. The only 'true' holocau$t' tales emit from Hollywood, owned by the JEW and designed to keep people in perpetual stupidity about the past.

But, if you're into holocau$t porn, it doesn't get much better than the movie, "Ilsa She Wolf Of The SS." Almost X-rated, but in places, funny as hell.... and made on the set of another WWII comedy, "Hogan's Heroes."

If you want to see more holocau$t chuckles, check out this movie, "Nazi Love Camp 7 1969."

Both 'films' brought to you by the JEW pervert David Frank Friedman who also made "Goldilocks and The Three Bares," and was instrumental in getting the Hollywood porn industry started.

Oh, the inhumanity!....LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Werewolf Women of the S.S.

Pornography, sex slaves, prostitution... Why are these businesses dominated by Jews?
[Gentile] Victims By Eustace Mullins

Weisenthal was only temporarily embarrassed when the Chancellor of Austria, Bruno Kreisky, who was also Jewish, identified Weisenthal as a wartime collaborator with the Gestapo. His friend states that Weisenthal's survival was "a miracle", and on page 10, that "His rescuers were Germans, and members of the Nazi party." One can only wonder why, after this miraculous deliverance, Weisenthal should devote the rest of his life to a very profitable career of hunting former Nazis. Weisenthal explains that he was saved only because the Nazis wanted him to finish painting a banner, "We thank our Fuhrer." On page 71, we are informed that Weisenthal decided to commit suicide, and cut his wrists with a razor blade he kept hidden in his clothes. The Gestapo nursed him back to health in prison, on special rations. Clearly, Weisenthal was indeed someone special in his relations with the Nazis.


  1. I ran across something you may be familiar with but I didn't recall it.

    Jerry Lewis made a holyhoax movie, ‘The Day the Clown Cried,’ but it was never released.

    Lewis claimed he met "a man named Rolf, who was the guy who pulled the f—ing lever on the gas chamber." ha ha

  2. That Lewis movie is such a dud, that it will never be released, not as long as Jerry is alive.

    Even holcau$t fakers draw the line sometimes.


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