Sunday, March 9, 2014

CNN Identifies the First Names of Suspect Passport Holders as 'Moshe' and "Shlomo'

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CNN--This is Wolf Blizter reporting.

CNN sources say that the two stolen passport holders first names from Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 have been indentified as 'Moshe' and 'Shlomo' that took off from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) enroute to Beijing.

The flight, which mysteriously disappeared from the skies at 17:30 GMT Friday (01:30 local time Saturday), was feared to be the victim of some act of terrorism.

CNN has spoken to others at KLIA who remembered seeing the two, who apparently were having trouble clearing the passport screening procedure when a 'sharp dressed man' appeared, talked to the officials questioning the two, then shepherded 'Moshe' and 'Shlomo' onto the flight, after telling the boarding gate official that "We do this all the time."

Others in the area said the two seemed suspicious of people, preferred to stay to themselves and spoke in a strange sounding, guttural like voice. They also reported that the pair had blue eyes, light skin, but were definitely from some Middle Eastern nation.

We can also report, but not yet confirm, that one of the two was wearing a six-sided star necklace.

CNN would like to retract an earlier report that had Senator John McCain and Brazilian journalist Glen Greenwald on the same flight, escaping the pressures of life for a romantic weekend in Bali, but CNN is still following leads about several JP Morgan bankers being on the flight.

For CNN in New York, this is Wolf Blitzer.

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