Friday, March 14, 2014

Parasite Israel's Lackeys Show Alarm When Truth Talks

When PC Is Gone, Truth Prevails And Shoa Panic Is Detected

Below is a six minute segment from a Q&A session at the Washington Report's AIPAC Conference of March 2014. It begins the moment the Holocaust narrative is challenged and the panic on the stage becomes palpable.

In the clip, an anonymous but well-informed member of the audience asks the panel to address the question of the dominance of the Holocaust in American life. Rightly, she points out that the Holocaust is a state-imposed religious dogma and as such ‘violates constitutional rights’. However, it takes only a few minutes to see that as far as Justin Raimondo & Philip Weiss are concerned, all that really matters is the Jews and their suffering.

Jewish Voice for Whatever icon, Philip Weiss doesn’t think that we should ‘problematize the education of the Holocaust'. "a wonderful book!", he says of the Diary of Anne Frank. Well, I’d like to hear from Weiss or anyone else something about the literary qualities of this diary - because I've found none.

Meanwhile, ‘anti-war’ hero Justin Raimondo apparently doesn’t agree that the Holocaust, like other historical narrative, should allow a ‘range of opinion’.

The meaning of all this is all too simple: For America to liberate itself, it may first have to emancipate itself from its current tribal icons of dissent. For America to be once again the land of the Free, it must leave Jerusalem behind and find the true Athens in its heart.
"The Shoah Must Go On...and On....and On....and"





  1. Hey! So glad to see you posting again. Congrats.Lovely Read!
    Lovely Read!

  2. I agree that the holocaust has been made into a quasi religion. As with all other commercialized religions it is for the weak minded who can't or don't want to think for themselves.

    In the meantime, the perpetrators of this hoax are also making a ton of money running their little franchises all over the world.

    Just found out that quite a few popes in not so distant history have been Jewish. Go figure.

  3. I watched some of this conference live streaming on CSPAN and saw this segment. Too many zionist lites were there who pretend to be against the lobby but when push comes to shove they fall back on repeating the same lies and holding up the holocau$t myths.

    There were some good points made by some but the conference will have no effect on anything and with a few of the speakers, I think that is exactly what they wanted.


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