Saturday, March 15, 2014

What Type of FALSE FLAG Will Use Flight 370?

"Humanity will never be free until the last banker is strangled with the entrails of the last Zionist."

Some type of incident, most likely a FALSE FLAG, similar in style to the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11, appears to be in the works. The MSM Zionist propaganda outlets, CNN and FOX, are chattering away about the missing Flight 370, using rumor, innuendo and speculation, and passing that off as news, which isn't much different from their usual broadcasts, but the 'Chicken Little' style of reporting has been jacked up to deafening levels.

An Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) detonated over the central USA would cause a massive disruption in our indulgent lifestyles. When people can no longer get fresh water or power their furnace or get any food from the grocery store, the shit will hit the fan Big Time.
Add to that millions of TV junkies and phone addicts being cut off from their primary drug of choice....

03.15.14 photo FF_emp_zps9ec41192.jpg

Illustration above is from the United States Defense Threat Reduction Agency about the E1 component of nuclear electromagnetic pulse. The source region is the region of the upper atmosphere where gamma radiation from the weapon knocks out electrons from atoms in the atmosphere, which travel in a generally downward direction at roughly 94 percent of the speed of light, and are acted upon by the Earth's magnetic field to generate a powerful burst of electromagnetic energy. This source region, where the EMP is actually generated, is a very large area in the middle of the stratosphere. (In the map on the right side of the illustration, HOB is the height of the nuclear burst in kilometers.)

Israeli papers have been discussing the EMP scenario, which makes sense, since Israel is well-known for its underhanded, backstabbing, parasitical ways of extorting money, political favors and blood from its host.

Naturally, Iran figures prominently in an EMP attack, but if one is detonated over the USA, it will have a 'Star of David' painted on the device.

Also, Russia--conveniently--has been singled out as having the means and desire to hit the USA with an EMP.

Zionist Agent Alex Jones is babbling about the jet being fitted with a nuke(s) that will be flown into a ME city. This is one time Jones might be right, for all the wrong reasons, as he says the plane is in Iran being refitted for this nefarious duty.

Right, Alexi, a huge, hijacked 777 just casually flew into Iran, getting past the spy satellites of several nations, the International Space Station which is overhead and the intelligence capabilities of the USA, especially those emanating from the Empire base at Diego Garcia, which is one of the most strategically important and secretive U.S. military installations outside the United States.

Sounds like a replay of 9/11, which caught everyone off guard, right?

 photo 4bac99c3.jpg

There's also the chance that another attack on a skyscraper will be used, which would help reinforce the false narrative of the original 9/11 attack on the WTC. A building already pre-wired with thermite at critical stress points and a tactical nuke in the basement would give the Zionist and Neocon war mongers who pulled off the original attack bragging rights to shut down any 9/11 truthers by showing them a piece of aluminum is stronger than reinforced steel.

One target could be Chicago's Willis Tower--formerly known as 'Sears Tower'--that was bought by a group of investors in 2004 that included out friend, 'Lucky Larry' Silverstein and other 'Tribe' members.

Willis Tower also has an asbestos problem.

And Kroll, the Jew 'security' firm that was in charge of the WTC on 9/11, is also involved in providing 'security' to Willis Tower.

And uber-Zionist and MOSSAD agent Rahm Emanuel is the mayor of the 'Windy City.'

How sweet it is.

Will 'Jewish Lightening' strike again?

The parasitic central banks, like the FED, the ECB and the Bank of England, know that the USD is running on fumes. The only reason the US stock market is sky-high is all that money the FED is printing up and basically giving it to those 'Too Big to Fail' Wall Street banks, who in turn use fictitious offshore entities to buy and sell stocks.
It's a zero sum game, but it helps keep the market jacked up.
The banksters need a BIG distraction to wipe some fraudulent games off their books, and they don't get any bigger than a 9/11 type of False Flag, which would help soften the fall of the USD.

As for the poor souls on that flight, they're probably feeding the fishes.


  1. That's a very good article. I hope some of the scumbags planning this crap are reading this...the next 9/11 will be the last false-flag ever pulled off by Zionist scum, one gets the distinct impression there won't be even a 1/4 the wiggle room, compared to 9/11'd have to think there are lawful factions still operating in the military that are watching these people very closely( or there would have been a lot more, IMO)...

  2. Steve, I too think that there's more than a few in the US military keeping a closer eye on things, especially since they saw many of their fellow soldiers get tossed into the Iraqi meat grinder based on lies and that the war was for Israel.


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