Friday, March 21, 2014

Why They Call President Putin 'Bad Vlad!"

These videos show a little about the man the Jew MSM has been working overtime to demonize and to kick-start another Cold War with Russia... or maybe even a real war, since the bankster's schemes in the Ukraine are coming apart.

Have you ever seen a western politician be so frank and hilarious about a posed question that is so obviously stupid, the only sane thing to do is laugh it off?

Can you ever imagine that spineless toady in the WH standing up to the Wall Street vampire clan?

This video shows Putin...uh.."Bad Vlad' standing up to a Jew oligarch who had tried to loot and plunder a factory. Not under 'Bad Vlad's' watch as he calls out their "ambition, incompentance and pure greed" while also accusing them of acting like cockroaches.

The local 'cockroaches' at ZNN and FOX are running on greed, arrogance and stupidity as they shove hour after hour of BS about Flight 370 down an unsuspecting public's throat, while ignoring that the Wall Street banksters blew it in Crimea.
The Jew oligarchs in Ukraine had dropped to their knees, gladly swallowing Wall Street banker dick for a few shekels, and in return, they would let the money-changers turn Ukraine upside down, letting another sovereign nation fall to austerity, which meant their currency would be devalued; thousands of public jobs would be destroyed; private interests, mainly in the West, would swoop in and buy up Ukraine's publicly held companies, mines and lands for pennies on the dollar and pensioners would see their monthly check cut in half.

"Not so fast" says 'Bad Vlad.' President Putin says not only will no pensions be cut, they'll be increased. Money will be loaned to Crimea at decent rates, not the cut-throat Wall Street gangsters usurious rates.

And Crimea will be allowed to build itself back up, without having to be reduced to absolute poverty to serve a handful of bloodsucking Jew leeches.

Be careful, President Putin. 'al CIA Duh' will be moving against both Russia and Crimea, with all the mayhem that follows, all to put your union in a bad light and give the vampire banksters another shot at Crimea...and eventually, Russia.

World Jewry has declared war on Russia

BBC criticised over 'pro-Putin' documentary


  1. Of course I don't trust Putin (or any politician, for that matter), but I must admit I like his style.

  2. Neither do I, but you have to admit Vladimir Vladimirovich has certain features about him that speak of an archetype.

    Compare that to the carbon-copy cut-out of Obambi and tell me what you like better.


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