Wednesday, April 16, 2014

9/11: Hollywood Preps the American Goyim

One of many movies from that Israeli 'kibbutz' on the West Coast, Hollywood, that teaches, no, propagandizes into gullible Gentile minds how to hate Arabs, but particularly Palestinians.

The movie is "The Siege," from 1998. Didn't do too well at the box office, until the FALSE FLAG of 9/11, when it made the Big Time in the rental market.

What is especially eerie about this movie is the background prop, the World Trade Center, which appears no less than eight times in a movie less than two hours long. Nearly every time the WTC is in the background, there's violence in the front, always attributed to radical Muslims who want to cause harm to the USA.

The WTC 'Twins' even appeared in the poster advertising the movie.

04.16.14 photo Post_zpse057e295.jpg

The only 'Muslims' who attacked the USA on 9/1 have first names like Ariel, Shlomo, Binjamyn and Ehud.

Nearly three years before the WTC attacks inn September of 2001, an eerily prophetic film directed by Edward Zwick was released chronicling a network of underground terrorist activity that launches a series of bombings to devastate New York City in retaliation of a US military abduction by an Islamic Sheik leader

Strange, isn't it, how Hollywood fantasy becomes reality?

9/11 Police Find Tons Of Explosives In A Van On The George Washington Bridge, Suspects Arrested

Suspects arrested, but no names or nationalities? That means they're Israeli's, and were behind that savage attack against their 'ally' and enabler on 9/11.

But don't even think that Zionists or Jews or Israeli's would attack the USA, why that's anti-Semitic and will not be allowed.

The two people in the truck looked 'suspicious, meaning the cops thought they were Muslims until they pulled them over and found out they were back-stabbing Israeli Jews, on the way to blow up some more people and blame it on Islamic extremists.

How does this Hollywood stereotyping affect American minds?
"I did a survey when I met with high school teachers," he says. "I asked about 300 high school teachers -- I said name one humane Arab in a film. Five wrote Ali Baba and Sinbad. One wrote Omar Sharif. And the others, nothing was said at all. And so for Americans of Arab heritage, Christians and Muslims, there are no individuals with whom our children can look at the silver screen and identify with -- nothing."
Jack Shaheen, an expert on the image of Arabs and Muslims in American popular culture


  1. I happened to watch 'the siege' for the first time just the other night after recording it when we had some free movie channels. My wife pointed out 'look there's the towers' and I said 'it's predictive programming propaganda.' Still to come, martial law and the detention of suspects which won't necessary be Muslims the next time around.

  2. There's a number of these 'predictive programming movies' out there, that helped set the stage for 9/11.

    Just another of those bizarre 9/11 coincidences, right?

  3. "They" own enough of the police and military to do virtually anything they wish.

    UNTIL THAT changes, nothing else will.

  4. Greg,

    Let's make a movie called Muuzilla! The central character will a cross between Godzilla and muzzie. It will show up during brit milah ceremonies and it will reach for the mohel's get the pic! Instant box office success!

    Forget big box office movies, these days even the smaller movies will try to slide in the chosen race card holder superiority complex whenever possible.


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