Friday, April 25, 2014

Agreeing with the 9/11 Commission Report Yet Not Reading the Same

Excellent Youtube channel from "Physics and Reason" that uses, well, physics and reason to expose the government lies about 9/11.

Here's a sample!

Especially telling is the idiotic reply from Duncan Hunter, Congressman from California's 52nd district, which is mostly in and around San Diego. Hunter hasn't read the 9/11 report, but stands by what he hasn't read.

Hunter is also in favor of letting the government spy on its citizens and advocates the use of tactical nuclear devices against Iran.

Wadda guy!

9/11: The Devil's in the details and is Wearing a Six-Sided Star Hat

Another video from "Physics and Reason."

Explosions in the WTC Tower on 9/ the 1:10 mark.

At the 4:05 mark, minutes after the 'Twins' are hit, Bin Laden is already being framed.

Another 9/11 incident...from 1994.

On the night of September 11th, 1994 an airplane was allegedly stolen from a small airport near Aberdeen, Maryland and flown directly toward the White House and through the most protected airspace in the entire country. This plane was allegedly flown by a man who was drunk, and high on cocaine, and never completed his flight training.

The anti-aircraft system didn't work around the white house, and the plane, which had allegedly been on radar for 7 minutes was never reported to the secret service and no warning was given.

The plane then allegedly glided silently toward the white house lawn, where it skid, took out some shrubs and ended up slamming into the wall of the white house right below where the presidents bedroom is, breaking a window and "scratching" a wall.

There were a number of temporary structures set up outside the White House - in the form of temporary bleachers which were later moved. The shrubs were re-planted and everything was cleaned up by the next day.

The Cessna was then covered with a tarp, to make sure its identification numbers could not be seen and was removed from the scene.

Instead of being treated like a crime scene, all of the evidence was removed as quickly as possible, most of it during the dead of night.

Even after this event, people from the "intelligence community" came forward talking about how they were worried terrorists would use civilian aircraft for an attack, so, how is it possible that less than a decade later most of the high-ranking officials could be so surprised and "caught off guard" that terrorists would use civilian aircraft for an attack in 2001?

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