Saturday, April 19, 2014

Another HoloHOAX, Don't These Con Artists Never Stop?

Guess if you've got the most lucrative racket in the world, the con job known as the holocau$t, then you never stop polishing the con, making it appear new and shiny to the next generation of gullible Goyim and keep the ones already dumbfounded in the dark.
Smithsonian Red-Faced after “Treblinka Star of David Tiles” Shown to be Not Jewish At All

The Smithsonian Institutes’ TV documentary division has been severely embarrassed with the revelation that its recently-released “Treblinka: Hitler’s Killing Machine” documentary—which claimed to have “proved” the existence of “gas chambers” at Treblinka because of the discovery of “tiles with Stars of David,” is an extremely amateurish hoax.

The Smithsonian advertised the documentary on its YouTube Channel by saying that “The watershed discovery of Star of David tiles confirms the existence of Treblinka’s gas chambers and becomes the key to reconstructing the death camp’s sinister workings.”

The documentary follows British forensic archaeologist, Dr. Caroline Sturdy Colls, from Staffordshire University and her colleagues as they carry out diggings on the Treblinka camp site in eastern Poland in an attempt to refute Holocaust revisionists who say that the camp was only used as a transit area and not as an extermination center.

The complete lack of any physical evidence that the camp was used for exterminating hundreds of thousands of people, has long been a great source of concern for orthodox historians, to the point where the Jewish Daily Forward newspaper admitted in a 2014 article that the “absence of physical evidence allowed Holocaust deniers to maintain that Treblinka II was a transit, not death, camp.” (“Uncovering the Remains of Treblinka,” Jewish Daily Forward, March 27, 2014.)

Furthermore, no “eye-witness” has ever claimed that there were Stars of David “inside a gas chamber” at Treblinka—only that there was a large Star of David over the “front door” of the gas chamber.

But, even worse for Colls, Schute, and the Smithsonian, the symbol which they all claim to be a “Star of David” is nothing of the sort.

It is in fact a brand mark of the 125-year old Dziewulski i Lange porcelain factory in Poland. That factory still exists, although it was renamed the Opoczno Terracotta Products Factory in 1950 and is today just called Opoczno S.A.

The company’s symbol is known in the heraldic world as a pierced mullet star, as is not unusual for porcelain marks and coats of arms around Europe.
More 'Jumpin' Yack Flash Wasn't Gassed'

The Heretics' Hour: Were 86 Jews gassed at the Natzweiler-Struthof camp?

Germar Rudolf joins Carolyn to discuss how credible the Natzweiler gassing story is. Their verdict is: not at all but another method of inducing death may have been used. More research is necessary. The Treblinka “Star of David Tile” hoax featured in the Smithsonian Institution TV documentary was also discussed. Charles Krafft and Fredrick Toben called during the last half hour about Richard Kriege. Highlights:

•Autopsies of bodies found at Natzweiler did not show signs of gassing, according to report found by Robert Faurisson;

•The Josef Kramer confession, that he personally carried out the gassings, is absurd;

•Some of the anthropologists involved were found not guilty or served no time;

•Latest developments at the Treblinka “archaeological dig” carried out by Caroline Sturdy Colls;

•Colls and Smithsonian TV directors try to pass off a star-shaped trademark on back of some tile pieces as a Star of David, indicating, by some stretch of the imagination, a “gas chamber”;

•Colls faces a conundrum in how to follow academic standards while at the same time not going against “holocaust” laws, according to Germar;

•New work coming out by revisionists is mentioned.
Americans have been programmed to always think of Jews as being kind, peace loving, charitable, friendly, always there to help their GOYIM, when it's the Jews who are running the GOYIM ragged with never ending con games, whether it's more holohoax lies, endless 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel' or more Wall Street cons to clean out your bank account or shootings that we're told was committed by a rabid anti-Semite, who went around asking the person's religion before he pulled the trigger, except he killed NO Jews, only Christians.

And don't even ask if the hate crime law will be applied, unlike the Christians, no Jews were sacrificed, so there was no basis for a hate crime and you're a Jew hater for asking.

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