Tuesday, April 29, 2014

How Commie Jews Perverted Russia and the Ukraine

I'll guarantee you won't see this on CNN, still bellowing about the 'missing' Flight 370, which was going to be used in a false flag event, but uncovered in time to expose the heinous act.

Nor will FOX dare show these truths about the sick and twisted Russian Jews that turned that once prosperous nation into a hell on Earth, slaughtering non-Jew Russians by the millions.

From Jura Lina's book, "Under the sign of the Scorpion," first published in 1994 and damn near virtually impossible to find. My copy details the following abominations on page 244.
The Jews dominated the Ukrainian cultural life to an even higher degree (76 per cent of those registered in the cultural unions were Jews). Lenin also took the opportunity to proclaim sexual freedom in December 1917 (even homosexuality was decriminalized), as happened after the Jacobin coup in 1791.

Stalin, however, prohibited homosexuality in 1934, at the same time as he banned abortion and made the very liberal marriage laws stricter. Lenin made the Soviet organs proclaim: "From the age of 18, every young woman is the property of the state." Unmarried women had to register themselves at the Bureau of Free Love. Omission was punished severely. Each registered woman had to choose a man between 19 and 50 years of age.

The men also had the right to choose women, but they had to carry documentation that they belonged to the proletariat. The others were not allowed to have a sex-life since they were class-enemies (i.e. enemies of the Jews). In the interest of the state, men had the right to choose women registered at the Bureau of Free Love, even if the said women did not comply. The children that were born from these unions became the property of the republic. (Mikhail and August Stern, "Iron Curtain for Love", Stockholm, 1982, p. 26.)

Jewish Bolsheviks frequently organized naked marches and propagated group-sexuality. Those new measures caused deep psychological disturbances in the traditionally family-oriented Russian people. The communist leaders wanted to eliminate the concept and practice of family life. Abortion, meanwhile, was legalized. Rape also became far more common.

The communist poet Vladimir Mayakovsky immediately propagated the new policy in the following way:

Any girl at all, young and beautiful will I rape.

And contemptuously will I spit on her!

The Soviet functionaries later tried to claim that his poems were ironic.

As soon as the moral norms had been dissolved, sexuality was prohibited.

The goal had been reached and a new slogan was invented:

"Sexuality is the enemy of the revolution!"

Women were to become draught-animals instead.
Some will say what is and has happened to America over the last few decades is a sexual revolution or the freeing of the sexual psyche. Others might have a different interpretation, thinking that the USA is sinking into a degenerate swamp of moral ambiguity.

Either way, what has and is taking in place in society's code of morality doesn't seem to be improving our overall lifestyle.


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    "Set out below are estimates of the magnitude of Israeli child abuse and of child sexual abuse in Apartheid Israel’s allies Australia, the US, and the UK, and analyses of how these horrendous realities are variously ignored and hidden by Neocon American and Zionist Imperialist (NAZI)-perverted Mainstream media."


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  3. It's strange, no, that one can't buy the English edition of Solzhenitsyn"s "200-Years Together?"

    The parts I've read online contain too much truth for it to be exposed to a holocausted American public.

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