Monday, April 14, 2014

Jews Losing Christian Zionists? Oy Vey, What's the World Coming To?

What is going on, has the world finally come to its senses and realize that the greatest threat to peace is the terrorist State of Hate, Israel?

Christian Zionists, the Bible Thumpers who have traded their Lord Jesus for the occult G-d of Judaism, might finally be coming to their senses and seeing behind that sheep's mask. In an article in the KC Star, "Is support for Israel waning among evangelicals,?" American Jews are fretting that their kabbalah hold on Christian Zionists is coming to an end.
American evangelicals have played a significant role in U.S. support for Israel; by some measures they are even more supportive than American Jews.

But in the spring issue of Middle East Quarterly, David Brog, executive director of Christians United for Israel, wrote a piece titled “The End of Evangelical Support for Israel?” Evangelicals have shifted within the last decade, Brog wrote, and are no longer considered automatic supporters of Israel.

“The days of taking evangelical support for Israel for granted are over,” he wrote, suggesting an urgency for those who take the issue seriously. “They cannot let the evangelical community go the way of the mainstream Protestant leadership.”

In addition, new films made by Christians are beginning to question support for Israel, such as “With God on Our Side” and “Little Town of Bethlehem.” Then there are the conferences “Christ at the Checkpoint,” centered on the idea that if Jesus were living today, he could have been a Palestinian suffering under Israeli occupation as he once suffered under Roman occupation.
Holy Cow Batman, are the CZ's finally waking up and realizing that Israel is not the Israel in the Bible, but some evil manifestation of that has pulled the wool over their eyes and are using them for devious ends, ends that involve theft, mass murder, kidnapping, false flags, corruption, torture, rape, more theft and genocide of the indigenous Palestinians?

The "Christ at the Checkpoint" web page has a drawing of the Apartheid Wall that Israel has erected on stolen Palestinian land.

4.14.2013 photo CJ_zpsbf44b945.png

The world has tired of endless Jew pity party's where the 'Tribe' is depicted as the only ones who have suffered thru the centuries, GOYIM need not apply, we don't count, only Jews have suffered, so cough up some dough, NOW or we'll blow up another of your cities or ships or churches.

The world is also experiencing 'Shoah Fatigue,' tired of hearing the endless lies, BS, con games and the resulting shake down of the Western world, just shut up and hand over money, lots and lots of money or we'll make you sit thru a week straight of holocau$t movies, so that when you finally emerge, you'll be drooling at the lips and mumbling incoherently, just the way the 'Chosen Ones' prefer their Gentile slaves.

The web page for the documentary “With God on Our Side” promotes the idea that God doesn't take sides, favoring one group of people over another. Whew, that must hit Jews right between the eyes, to see their 2,000 year old plan for world domination come apart, undone by Christians who used to blindly support that ME nightmare.

“A documentary demonstrating that God is not pro-Palestinian, he is pro-peace; he is not pro-Jew, he is pro-justice. Like Peter’s vision at Joppa, this film may well evoke in multitudes the quintessential sigh of understanding: ‘I now realize how true it is that God does not show favoritism’ (Acts 10:34).”— Hank Hanegraaff, Host of the Bible Answer Man broadcast
"Little Town of Bethlehem," brings in the aspect of comparing the Deep South's fight against the blacks and frames that as today's racist and bigoted State of Hate, Israel, trying to 'wipe off the face of the Earth' the peace-loving Palestinians.

No wonder Israel hasn't went on its usual yearly homicidal rampage lately against Lebanon or Gaza, the fucking lunatics in charge of that terrorist haven are finally starting to realize that actions do have consequences and when their most steadfast base of support, Christian Zionists start questioning their support of Israel, then their dream of a gangster hideout is being exposed and in danger of being held to account for their numerous crimes against humanity.

Or maybe it's just time to unleash another Zionist 'Manchurian Candidate," and get that pity party back in the MSM full-time?

Several hundred holocau$t movies and docs haven't done the job yet, we GOYIM still need more brainwashing?
" would be hard-pressed to find examples of Jews being summarily murdered by Christians the way that Christians were massacred by Jews after the Persian conquest of Jerusalem in the seventh century. Jews have been expelled in most European countries throughout history, but what typically precipitated their expulsion was their involvement in usury, or what is now called interest."


  1. Hi Greg,

    I'm convinced that we live in a sitcom based world. Except you can't hear the laugh track every time something funny happens. That is something You have to add yourself and laugh your head off.

    We have this "Heil Hitler!" screaming clown...who was/is a RAT
    and none of his victims were Jewish. They were all Christians. {add laugh track}

    Wait....didn't we have muzzie clowns screaming "Allah this 'n that" and leaving Qurans at the strip club?

    Here is another clown hogging up the news media, a class act! He's spits, smears feces on neighbors, taunts and torments disable kids on wheelchairs! He's a racist, he's bully ..the list goes on.

    Here comes the funny part ...his last name is Aviv. WTF?? That doesn't sound like a goyish name to me!!! {more laugh track}

  2. That's why the cops didn't want to label the shootings a hate crime, since no Tribe members were killed.

    It seemed weird that ZNN and FOX weren't running nonstop stories about the KC shootings, now I know why, it was only some Gentiles that got shot, no story there.

  3. Greg, finally, someone has made the connection between the Black South and the (rogue)state of Israel. Jews are using the black man as a testing ground. If favorable results come back, it's good for the Jews.

    All civil rights organizations are funded by Jews. They infiltrate and control everything. Most or all charities, like the Susan G. Komen, are headed by Jews. Instead of using funds for cancer research, they pay themselves a hefty paycheck.

    As for hate crimes, why is there no pursuit of justice for the Steve Utush, who was beaten to death by a flash mob of black men?

    The only person who helped was a black woman who placed herself on his body to protect him. She also packed a gun ready to shoot.

    The filthy Jew laughs alongside his true god, Satan, watching the train wreck they started.

    But alas, a ray of hope is shining through the darkness of their works. CZ, as you put it, is starting to fizzle out. The thought of freedom from Jews and their evil control gives me a sense of hope and joy.


  4. Lee, the Susan B. Komen foundation is one of he biggest cons around.

    Less than 15% goes to the actual purpose of the fund, cancer, the rest to rip off artists.

    But it sure makes us GOY feel good to be giving money to something.


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