Sunday, April 27, 2014

Which Nation Has the Most HoloHOAX Memorials?

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The three to choose from are the USA, France and Israel.

Now one would think that the country with the most holoHOAX memorials would be the Mother Ship, Israel, where the holoHOAX con keeps giving and giving and giving, but you'd be wrong.

Israel is third in this category, having a measly 10 holoHOAX memorials. Maybe even Israeli Jews don't like to be reminded of their endless fraud they commit against the GOYIM in other nations?

If you'd guessed the USA has the most holoHOAX memorials, you'd still be wrong, but we're trying mightily to find more funds to build more sob centers to soak the Gentiles out of their hard-earned money. The USA only has a mere 44 holoHOAX memorials.

(If we add in the holoHOAX centers in addition to the fraud memorials, the USA comes out a Big Winner, with around 150 sites where you can help purge your guilt for something that never happened!)

Which leaves France as the winner of the nation with the most holoHOAX memorials, 51 and probably counting.

Strange, considering life under the German occupation during WWII was relatively peaceful, no holoHOAX horror stories to scare your kids at night, featuring baguettes and smelly cheese?

An odd entry into this category is Brazil, with six, yes SIX holoHOAX memorials? Did ZE Nazis have a virtual gas chamber in Brazil?

Or all those holoHOAX sites a front for rapacious Israeli Jews to loot Brazil's vast natural resources?

Something to keep in mind on National Celebrate a Fraud Day, April 27.

Some will complain that focusing on the holoHOAX so much is the rantings of a mean drunk or some raving anti-Semite. But the world needs to understand and expose this hoax, which will help unravel the world's largest terrorist state Israel, and that will expose the biggest crime in the history of humanity, the 9/11 False Flag.

It's either that, or get used to endless wars, endless Wall Street cons and an ever increasing police state to back up the Zionist Jews who have taken over the US Government.

Settlers fell 7-year-old Palestinian with stones as she walks home from school

More holoHOAX LIES Exposed


  1. It is hard to respect the nation state when hucksters program the show and then hide behind and rapine the working class. My apologies for lumping all Americans together when I know what a vast and diverse group you all are. However there is a group of pride full that needs taking down. I suppose that is why I keep up with the Missouri firefighter.

  2. 51 vs. 44, WHOA!
    Us: wee, wee, wee
    Frenchy: oui, oui, oui

    In both cases, you can hear pig squealing! ;)

  3. Musique, just trying to acknowledge 'National Fraud Day.'

  4. I just caught a little of a 60 Minutes holyhoax feature broadcasting tonight. I'm turning my head away from it and don't think there's anything worth repeating. The reinforcement of this lie is, well, neverending.

    Kevin Barrett is a little more timid than you Greg but he makes some good points in his own way.

  5. Hey that why they just sent the tornadoes our way?

    They're reading your blog.

  6. Oh man, those memorials to the "Murdered Jews of Europe" really bring tears to my eyes. Thanks, gooney bird, for keeping on keeping on. They sure know how to spread their fake story around with the unwavering support of us goys. 'War nicht in Betrieb' says it all.

    At least in this memorial there is some mention of others than Jews:

  7. The Sunday Kansas City paper, the STAR, was filled with holoHOAX BS, designed to keep the gullible in the dark and offering up money to assuage their guilt for something they never done.


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