Friday, April 18, 2014

ZOG Strikes Again: Getting Banned from 'Raw Story'

“Censorship is the child of fear and the father of ignorance.”
― Laurie Halse Anderson

This is what happens when you have the misfortune to report the facts about whose in charge of the Federal Reserve, you get blocked from making future comments.

The story I commented on was about the shootings in KC and the alleged shooter, Miller/Cross saying that Jews controlled the Federal Reserve.

Here's the comment I left that was 'wiped off the face of the Earth' and that got me banned from making future comments at the online media outlet, 'Raw Story.'

4.13.14 photo 413_Q_zps6a3f28ae.png

The story I commented on was : "MO mayor agrees with KC shooter Glenn Miller that Jewish bankers destroying US"
You commented · 21 hours ago Removed

The current head of the Fed, Yellen, is a Jew. The former head, Bernanke is a Jew, same for the one he replaced, Greenspan.

Most of the Fed Board members are Jewish. One, Fisher, was the head of Israel's central bank, now he's helping make financial law here in the USA?
Where does Fisher's true loyalties lie?

And are there no Gentiles that could be appointed head of the Fed?

Time now for all you pro-Israel types to start screaming your favorite slur, 'anti-Semite' at me for asking a simple question that the MSM won't touch.
This isn't the first time I've been banned, nor will it be the last. At the outlets that banned me, you could post all sorts of lies and falsehoods about Muslims, call them all sorts of names, advocate for wars and violence against Islam and those expressions wouldn't get banned.

But ask a serious question about the real power in this nation, the Jews, and you'll be kicked out the door ASAP.


  1. Keep plugging away Greg. Your comment was not hateful, just facts. I would have to guess that Raw Story is a tribal run endeavor.

  2. Greg,

    you're a gentleman. 'wiped off the face of the Earth' is very polite, me thinks. "wipe off my ass" would've been appropriate opps kosher. :)

  3. Thanks. After getting banned from a number of MSM outlets, it might dent some and make them less vocal, but it just gives me more of an incentive.

  4. Raw Story, Daily Kos...but then they
    are all on the same team.

  5. Greg
    Wear it like a medal of truth & valor! Love what you do!
    Tom in Tempe

  6. Getting banned. Hmm, they obviously have something to hide. Whenever people get loud, mean, vicious, and nasty, they are hiding something.

    Their false accusations are a reflection of their inner motives. It is also a distinct sign of the psychopath.

  7. lol, I got banned from their DISQUS,
    for a simple comment from a post about the holocaust. i was attacked, comment removed..ETC. Hasbara agents everywhere.

  8. "At the outlets that banned me, you could post all sorts of lies and falsehoods about Muslims, call them all sorts of names, advocate for wars and violence against Islam and those expressions wouldn't get banned."

    Not just Muslims, Christians too. Jews are overwhelmingly white, and of European descent. Can you imagine ANY liberal website, anywhere on the planet, that would ever ban even a SINGLE person for being critical of white Christians, or implting that the run the country? But at the same time, Jews are allowed to mass murder Palestinian civilians (who are literally Semites) and if you oppose that murder, YOU get labeled an "anti-Semite". Unbelievable.

    Israel/the US are nations run entirely by White German Jews who think they are the Master Race, committing Genocide against literal Semites....hmmm, what does that remind you of??

    Btw i was banned from RawStory for the same reason as you.

  9. I got banned from their disqus thread for correcting them about the sb county shooting incident. I work in the counties IT department. So I know what environmental service does


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