Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Another "Letter to the Editor" that the KC Star Refused to Print

Pay close attention at the 3:28 minute mark!

A little late getting back to this letter that the Kansas City STAR refused to print.

Guess my thinking is out of date or something. Or maybe it's because I don't have a 'Facebook' page that can send a 'LIKE' to the STAR?


One of their most hateful columnists is an old geezer by the name of C.W. Gusewelle, who never tires of lambasting Muslims and trying to tear Islam a new one. His columns are filled with hatred of Muslims, while never missing a chance to kiss Jew ass....Or should I be politically correct and say 'Jewish ass?' Mmmm?

Here's the column that I sent off a reply to, only printed part of it as its too deranged to print the whole shitty mess.
Terror spreads inside Africa By C.W. GUSEWELLE

The constantly repeated assertion that Islam is a peaceful and beneficent faith is discredited almost daily by the outrages committed by Muslim fanatics throughout much of Africa and the Middle East.

One week it is a bomb exploded in a crowded marketplace — an atrocity whose sole purpose is to maim and kill innocents.
I can't remember GW bitching about US drones blowing to hell and gone women, children, weddings and homes, but maybe he doesn't read that much?

Here's the reply the STAR refused to print:
C. W. Gusewelle again shows his rabid hatred of all things Muslim in his "Terror Spreads Inside Africa" column. Yes, C. W. there is quite a bit of killing going on in Africa and the ME, much of which can be blamed on the USA.

We never seem to tire of sticking our heavily-armed noses into nations half way around the world, mostly to prop up sadistic tyrants who let Wall Street corporations run amuck, looting countries of their natural resources, with hardly any of that wealth reaching the country's poor.

Heck, who knows, maybe one day, the killers you talk about will catch up in the body county department, with that God-fearing nation, America. Over a million murdered in Iraq, thanks to our greed and stupidity, and don't forget to add in all those thousands murdered, many of them women and children, by cowardly drone strikes in Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia and other nations, with the alleged suspects never being brought to trial, that is such an outdated notion, don't you think?

And don't forget the hundreds of thousands we've killed in Afghanistan, but hey, those US protected poppy fields are looking great!
My letter seemed straight-forward enough, filled with inconvenient facts and a little passion, but that's no excuse to ban publication.

GW and his kind are nothing more than terrorists, who use a typewriter like a machine gun, blasting away at people's minds for their Yid Masters.

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