Friday, May 2, 2014

"Meet the HoloHOAX in Person! Really, No Kidding, except for the Hairy Armpits!"

Pay attention around the 2:50 mark:

Holocaust visits Yad Vashem museum

Israeli playwright and actress Natali Cohen Vaxberg has posted an eye-opener video at the You Tube. She plays the part of “Holocaust” in the video which was filmed in front Israel’s Holy Yad Vashem Holocaust museum in occupied Jerusalem.

In the video Vaxberg tries to pull the Israeli Jews out of their self-denial mentality surrounding Holocaust. Watch her great performance below.

“I’m the Holocaust, the best thing ever happened to you,” she said “After all these years, I deserve a round of applause.”

“How could you justify 1948 and 1967 without me?,” she said. “Who deserves credit for enabling you to place three million people in a ghetto without the superpowers bombing you? Do you think you can get along without me?,” she added.

“Has Frankenstein taken revenge on his creator? Where you learned this from? The bigger you grew, the more your memory shrinks. Where you learned to gather people into concentration camps on the basis of their ethnic background? I’m your truth,” she said.

Several bigots who could not face the truth coming from a cursed woman have asked Israeli attorney-general Yehuda Weinstein to indict Vaxberg for antisemitism.
From the excellent blog, "Rehmat's World."

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