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"OMG!!! 1.2m Jews killed at Auschwitz in just one day "

"The world will not know peace until the last banker is strangled with the entrails of the last Zionist"
Lieutenant-Colonel Gilbert Mantout of the French Air Force and the French War Crimes Investigation Office spoke with Reuters news agency on August 30, 1945, its subsequent report stated that Mantout "had collected evidence showing that on one day in April 1944 1,200,000 people were liquidated in the various camps of Auschwitz," [a]t least 26,000,000 person were methodically exterminated" in German concentration camps, and "that the figure of 26,000,000 was if anything, well below the actual total of people put to death." "Human bones from the camps were used for raw material for the manufacture of chemical fertilisers, while the fats were turned into soap." The article quoted Mantout as saying: "These are facts about which there is no longer any possibility of doubt."

"a very smooth Jewish lawyer ... a man who has moved in influential circles."

- Description of Mantout in a British Security Service report dated May 27, 1942

3.8.14 photo AUS_zps91a35743.jpg

"26,000,000 were Liquidated," The Western Daily Press and Bristol Mirror (Bristol, U.K.), Friday, August 31, 1945, p. 1.

Mantout's 26,000,000 figure given to Reuters is reminiscent of the truly enormous figures (20 or 25 million killed at Belzec and Treblinka alone) supposedly thrown about by Kurt Gerstein in his various confessions to the French in April and May of 1945. Which is surely no coincide, as Mantout was the head of the organisation (Organe de Recherche des Criminals de Guerre: ORCG) which interrogated Gerstein, and he was even present during his interrogations, as he admitted decades later to French author Pierre Joffroy:

`Sturmf├╝hrer Kurt Gerstein, who had been arrested—one might say, at his own request—by the ORCG in Germany, was sent by the Constance section to our Paris headquarters, where he was interrogated before being handed over to the military courts. My attention was drawn to this rather special case, and I remember being present on two occasions when he was questioned. My impression of the man was that he was a mystic in a state of traumatic shock, and desperate because no one, neither the Germans nor the French, would take him seriously. As it were, a discredited Joan of Arc deprived of her funeral pyre.'
- Gilbert Mantout

Whew, 1.2 million exterminated in one day at the Auschwitz health spa? Those German guards must of been exhausted after a day spent moving 50,000 people an hour for each and every hour for 24 hours straight!

Holocaust historian Deborah Lipstadt told The Jewish Week that “there is no proof that the Nazis made Jews into soap in a mass fashion...

The film ["Soaps"] explains that some German soaps were imprinted with the initials “RIF” which many believed stood for “Reichs Juden Fett,” or in English “State Jewish Fat.” But those initials really stood for “Reichsstelle fur industrielle Fettversorgung” or “National Center for Industrial Fat Provisioning” which was the German agency that distributed soap products during the war.
And more:
After the war, there were many rumors about Holocaust victims having been made into soap. Tom Segev's "The Seventh Million" reports that Holocaust survivors arriving in Israel after 1948 were sometimes derisively referred to as "soap." However, almost all evidence of human fat being used for soap has been proven untrue.
From the Israeli paper, "Haaretz"

New Israeli film debunks myth that Nazis made soap from Jews

The world has been told holoHOAX lies about the Nazis using dead Jews to make soap. Told lies about the Nazis using the skin of dead Jews to make products, like lamp shades and told lies about how many actually died at Auschwitz, among other lies about the holocau$t.

Told holoHOAX lies about Jews being steamed to death or being executed in mass numbers at Belzec by a large electrical floor mat they were forced to stand on after being transported there on a huge assembly-line type belt.

Isn't it time to send these lying, thieving, murderous parasites packing?

Haven't they already stole enough of our wealth, killed enough of our kids in their phony 'War of Terror,' brought about by the Israeli orchestrated 9/11 false flag and polluted our minds with their control of the MSM and Hollywood?

Or do you like being a slave?


  1. I love sharing your posts on Facebook and stirring up shit among the mindless!!! Love what you do!
    Tom in Tempe

  2. Well, that Jewish lawyer, Montaut, at the tender age of 38y., obviously wasn't informed about the mystical 6 Mio. So he believed Chief Disinfection Officer Gerstein and ruined the whole script.

  3. Tom, thanks for spreading the truth on FB, since I don't have a page.

    MN, that lawyer should of waited for the official press packet to come out before spreading BS.


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