Thursday, May 29, 2014

Wanted War Criminal Gets Cushy TV Job

The world's biggest DICK, Cheney, is now farting out his mouth about something he's familiar with; mass murder.

Dick is featured in the History Channel's "The World Wars," blowing smoke up yer ass if you believe this sadistic SOB who was one of the major traitors who assisted Israel in their back-stabbing 9/11 attacks.

As others have already pointed out, "The World Wars" is full of historical errors, but hey, the victors write the history, don't they?

To see that back-stabbing SOB bloviating on Jewvision made me so nauseous, I could only watch small portions a little at a time, enough to catch another self-admitted war criminal John 'President-at-large' McCain telling lies.

Hey John Boy, maybe if you weren't schmoozing with 'al CIA Duh' terrorists in Syria and chumming around with Nazi thugs in the Ukraine, all of those vets wouldn't have died in the state your supposed to represent, Arizona.

Considering that Rupert Murdoch, who helped pass on many a lie about 9/11 and Iraq is part owner of the "History Channel" shouldn't be a surprise. Something about owning the past lets you control the future.

I thought 2014 was the year we would be honoring the "War to end all Wars," the Great War, World War I. But WWI isn't sexy enough, doesn't have that Hitler thing nor can you make the GOYIM feel guilty about some BS holoHOAX that never happened, but was needed to create that psychotic State of Hate, Israel.

The Hearst Corporation also has a part of the History Channel:
For example the Hearst Corporation has a long and checkered history with fascist causes. William Randolph Hearst (1863-1951), the Rupert Murdoch of his day, came to embrace fascism and all the dictators that went with it. In the 1930’s, he hired both Mussolini and Hitler to write columns for his newspapers. He used newsreels to pass along unedited Nazi propaganda, he even went over to Germany and personally met with Hitler, and even attended to the Nuremberg rally. It’s obvious where the History Channel obtained all their Nazi footage.
The Hearst Corporation might be 'run' by a descendant, but the actual players are of a distinctive ethnic 'Tribe,' that enjoys setting off wars and profiting from the same.

Will the greedy bankers, who have been behind nearly every war since 1800 ever be satisfied with their enormous amount of wealth and power or will they keep on destroying humanity to satisfy their depraved ways?


  1. They are the stars in their own productions. They really do suck at history but do ritual quite faithfully. It is odd but the older I get, when politicians such as you spoke are in focus I get traumatized, a light dusting. Hells, bells, H. Clinton is coming to my town, I do believe a large dollop of American currency is on the way.

  2. Hillary is coming your way?

    Aargh! That psycho is one mean bitch and if she manages to steal the WH in 2016, the world will see wars like we haven't seen in decades just so she can prove she's got a pair.

  3. That is a strap-on I think you will find. hahaha

    Keep serving up the Bacon to them Greg. I've heard They don't like it!

  4. "I've heard They don't like it!"

    You got that right Carol. Without going into details, a certain group seems very interested in my computer, especially a group around ********************.

    As soon as they reform and start acting human, I'll shut down this blog, but that doesn't look like it will happen soon.

  5. I looooooooove history channel! Dicky fits right in with the ancient aliens, bigfoots and 24/7 LOLOcaust repetition.

  6. The only regret the DICK has is that his shoulders prevent him from sticking his head further up his asshole.


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