Thursday, June 12, 2014

Caught Jew Child Molesters Scream "anti-Semitism"

In most of the civilized world, when adult males wrap their lips around a baby's penis, that reprehensible act is against the law and the sicko performing that vile act is arrested and jailed for his deviant practice.

Not in the world of Judaism, where forcibly raping a young baby is honored as a religious experience called brit milah, a sickening perversion that is protected by law.

Especially here in Occupied America, where the gullible GOYIM sing the praises of Judaism, gladly cuddling up to that organized mob activity by calling their religion Judeo-christianity, happy to be in bed with these twisted perverts.

As you read the article, you'll notice that the Jew gangsters aren't mad about the disgusting and foul brit milah ceremony, they're pissed that the Gentile world is finding out about their repulsive practice.

6.12.14 photo Tal_zps08276548.jpg

If you want to see a Jew Mohel in action, slurping on a baby's penis, click here:
Cleveland Jews Give Anti-semitism a Good Name

According to the Daily Forwad,

A coalition of Cleveland Jewish leaders are protesting a graphic mural painted on a gas station wall that depicts a rabbi performing a controversial circumcision ritual.

Anti-Defamation League regional director Anita Gray, and Cheryl Davis, chair of the Jewish Federation of Cleveland’s Community Relations Committee, slammed the mural as anti-Semitic.

“This outrageous and deeply offensive anti-Semitic mural has no place in our city,” Davis said in a statement. “We need to stand firm against this kind of hatred.”

The mural appears on the side wall of Biggie’s Foodmart and gas station in Cleveland. Written above the graphic image of are the words: “Talmudic Priests in Church: Sex With Minors Permited [sic].”

It apparently depicts the metzitzah b’peh ritual, the controversial practice in which a mohel sucks the blood from an infant’s penis after circumcision.

the Forward further says,

The gas station mural isn’t just potentially offensive to Jews.
On the adjacent wall to the circumcision mural is another similar image with the title “The Faces Of….Jesus.” The first line of the graphic reads: “To Jews he’s a bastard, who’s in hell.” [the second line , which, the Forward omits, is 'To Christians he is a God, ' and the third, also skipped from the Forward report is, 'To Muslims he is a prphet, son of a honorable woman.'
Apparently the Cleveland Jews hope this will offend Christians for some reason.

Curiously, the Forward continues, underneath the image’s third depiction of Jesus are the words “Palestinian Born,” in smaller letters.

Of course, only bringing the abhorrent ritual into the open is ‘offensive’; the actual fact of it is not denied, or even discussed, much less subjected to critical scrutiny.

According to the ADL leadership in Cleveland, to be against the abominable, barbaric practice of sexual mutilation and ritual vampiric felatio of infants is to be ‘anti-semitic.’
It's not been a good week for the world's #1 terrorist state, Apartheid Israel. Between Jews losing their go to guy in Congress, Eric Cantor, who was always ready to slash money going to Social Security and Medicare so that money could be given to Israel, to this story exposing the sickening practice of sodomizing babies, Israel must be feeling cornered, which means they need to lash out, maybe by pulling off another False Flag, like Israel did on 9/11 or attack another American ship, like they did to the USS Liberty and the USS Cole.


  1. Your deliberate attempt to defame and distort and lie about an ancient Jewish ritual is an attempt to denigrate Judaism while promoting the mythical anti-Semitic belief in a Jewish world conspiracy. I imagine that your obvious paranoia compels you to keep looking over your shoulders in case a devilish mohel is seeking to modify what I suspect is your undersized member. Perhaps your dreams of Jewish pedophilia reflect your own internalized perversions. Nothing worse than a paranoid, sexually driven pervert running a website. Such a shame. Such a waste of life reading such dribble. I highly recommend serious sexual counseling lest your hidden desires to have sex with Jewish men and male babies becomes too great a compulsion to control. .

  2. Thanks, DLR, for agreeing with me that Judaism is a sick and twisted religion!

  3. Today is Friday, the 13th, and we have a full moon, which is not supposed to happen again until 2049 (last info I got). That might account for dribbler one's irrational thoughts and jew venom. Maybe, he should mosey over to the closest synagogue to partake in the blood ritual to calm his nerves.

    After all, we are not anti-semitic, we just hate to torture babies that will be scarred for life and turn into people like the dribbler.

  4. MN, I'm sure 'Lightening' Wolf will cover this on ZNN!

    Can you imagine the uproar if Muslims were the ones behind this foul, filthy pseudo-religious habit?

  5. It's not dribble - it's drivel.


  6. also

  7. andie531, I don't know if your FYI was aimed at me but I chose that word deliberately. Have you ever seen a baby dribble on it's bib? That's how the first post looks like to me. Slobber.


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