Monday, June 9, 2014

"Shriek, Wail, Moan!" They Left in the Middle of a holoHOAX Movie!

Mein Gott in Himmel, VAT is wrong with these college students?

Don't they know that attending a holoHOAX movie is akin to attending church? You're supposed to sit there, in awe, then cry for some reason, then--if you're Catholic--feel guilt, then in awe, then...then towards the end, just like church, you fork over as much money as you can afford and then some.

But to pay more attention to the text messages and tweets you're getting instead of nauseous lies spilling out of the screen like an overflowing sewer, why that's not Kosher.

Someone is going to have to teach this generation the proper veneration one is supposed to give to holoHOAX movies, dammit, or else!
What Went Wrong With The Holocaust?

I was sitting in a darkened auditorium on the campus of Santa Monica City College a few months ago. Stanley Kramer's "Judgement at Nuremberg" had been screened for students courtesy of The Stanley Kramer Foundation. Watching this epic, and distinctly Kramer-esque damnation of fascism, I couldn't help notice those in attendance whose attentions were diverted by glowing iPhone screens. Seated next to me, a strangely alluring young woman who constantly smacked her gum close to my ear provided a percussive counterpoint to the staccato tapping of fingernails on glass. I was tempted to wrench her phone from her manicured fingers and hurl it towards the screen.

But, that would have had me removed forcibly – instead of leaving in disgust a short time later under my own steam....

When the lights went up in the auditorium, students stretched and returned the last texts before being asked to put their phones away. I scanned the audience again, many had left during the screening. Those that remained probably did so because of the watchful eyes of their cinema professor, who introduced a Q and A by Karen Kramer to what was left of the audience.

What followed was disappointing on so many levels. Questions were asked of Karen Kramer that showed little understanding of the movie, and much less of the subject. One Asian student wondered if the Holocaust was as detrimental to history as was the incarceration of Asian Americans during WWII. Karen showed a characteristic flair for diplomacy, where I would probably not have been as 'PC'. The incarceration and subsequent seizing of Japanese property during WWII was criminal – however it didn't hold a candle to the abomination that was the Holocaust. Although this student had a more relevant and even visceral connection to the internment of his people and their own relocation to 'camps', I could not conceive how this could be viewed as anything close to the execution of millions. That's when I got up and left.
How dare that 'Asian' student have the audacity to ask about the unlawful imprisonment of her relatives during WW II. Doesn't she know that the only ones who suffered and died during that war were the Jews?

And more whining from this 'Tribe' member, which is one thing they do really well. That and extort money out of clueless Gentiles.
The spectra of anti-Semitism that is filtered through more PC versions of hate that calls itself "anti-Zionism" or "anti-Israelism" is verdant on the campus of UCLA, where Palestinian influenced student groups seek to stifle anyone's access to Israel, if they are running for UCLA student government positions. Hungarian deniers that the Holocaust existed, characterize it instead as a 'police action against aliens', and threaten that 'although it didn't exist, it will soon'.
BTW, there were NO comments left at this story. Where's the JIDF when you need to see some really slick hasbara?

What Went Wrong With The Holocaust?

Uh, let me guess. Maybe it was all those lies told to us GOYIM about Jew ashes being used to make soap. About Jew skin being used to make lampshades. About Jew shrunken heads...Will those Nasty Nazis stop at nothing?

Lies told about those massive electrical mats that were used to electrocute Jews.

Lies told about the number that died at Auschwitz, no matter, the really important number is the black magick six million one that has been drilled into people's heads six million times.

And more lies told by Jew con artists who swore on a stack of Torahs that they really, really did survive being in 4 or 5 concentration camps and survived the gas chambers 6 or 7 or maybe 8 times and they all saw Dr. Mengele.

But of course you did.

Looks like the very lucrative gig is up, holoHOAX grifters. Which means no more free money for outright lies and other sob stories. No more hiding behind holoHOAX lies when you butcher the real Semites, the native Palestinians and steal their land.

The air is starting to smell better already!

Holohoax–A 15-year-old’s school report exposes holocaust lies

Now let's start talking about REPARATIONS, to the nations like Germany and Poland that were systematically looted to support holoHOAX fraudsters.


  1. There's no bidness like Shoah bidness!!!

  2. Ouch, Aua, Oy vey! Poor baby wants to take those disrespectful college students to LAMOTH. Doesn't that moniker remind you of the 'behemoth' of the hoax perpetrated on the world?

    I hope you're right and more people will realize what has been going on. As for getting our money back, I'm not holding my breath.

  3. Ouch, Aua, Oy vey! Poor baby wants to take those disrespectful college students to LAMOTH. Doesn't that moniker remind you of the 'behemoth' of the hoax perpetrated on the world?

    I hope you're right and more people will realize what has been going on. As for getting our money back, I'm not holding my breath.

  4. what really gets me, is that leaders like Putin,Pope etc, visit the holohoax shrine knowing this is a con!

  5. They all have to pay homage to their master.

    "Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a man of wealth and taste"



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