Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Virginians Give the Boot to Israeli PM's Buddy, Eric Cantor!

Eric Cantor wants Americans to give up Social Security and Medicare so that money can be used to prop up Israel

I have to shout out and dance with joy that one of Israel's most fervent backers in the US Knesset, soon to be former Representative Eric Cantor, was given his walking papers by the people of Virginia!!

The Jew owned MSM is trying to spin that the reason was Cantor's position on illegal immigrants, but maybe it was Cantor's loyalty to his real love, Israel, that got this Zionist war monger booted from Congress.

Maybe 'Shlomo' Cantor should of tried some more False Flag stunts to get reelected?

Cantor repeatedly used his position in the House to shovel money and weapons to 'Stolenland' and to make life miserable for the true Semites, the indigenous Palestinians.

Cantor had spent over 5 MILLION DOLLARS on this campaign, while his opponent only spent 122,000 dollars.

Maybe Cantor can use some of the money made from betting against the USD, investing in ProShares Trust Ultrashort 20+ Year Treasury ETF, hoping our government will fail, to support his sorry ass now that he no longer will get a guaranteed check from us taxpayers.

Cantor will no longer have the podium to craft sinister tales of Palestinians, who are the real victims in 'Stolenland,' and not Cantor's vicious pack of predatory Khazar's who terrorize the world.

Wonder what his wife thinks about this game-changer and how much it will affect her banking interests?

One down, several hundred to go to get back our Congress out of the grips of the Zionist parasite.

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  1. Malloy is a shill.
    Always has been.
    Since way back.



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