Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Jew Butchers Use False Flag to Sadistically MURDER Indigenous Palestinians

07.01.14 photo Pal_zps1b1c8e58.jpg

The FALSE FLAG kidnapping of the three Jew teenage boys near Occupied Hebron Gush Etzion, a JEW-only colony in the West Bank was a set-up by Israeli CRIME MINISTER Nuttyahoo and his savage mob to use as an excuse to murder with impunity the indigenous Palestinians.

Apartheid Israel, breaking international law as usual, bombed at least 34 civilian locations in Gaza overnight after the dead teens had been 'found' in graves. Teens who were kidapped by an internal Israeli security service, or hired out to some psychotic merc outfit, like Blackwater--to give Israel 'plausible deniablity'--then murdered by the same and planted in a convenient location to be 'found' in time for the Zionist Jew bloodsuckers to launch attacks against the peace-loving Palestinians.

To make it seem like it was a reprisal for rocket attacks, Israel sent in some Arab dressed saboteurs into Gaza, who then launched bottle rockets back into 'Stolenland' that almost never hit anyone or anything, unless it's some factory a Jew owner wants to destroy and collect insurance on, using the time-honored technique called 'Jewish Lightening.' (NOTE: I recommend reading the link to 'Jewish Lightening,' as it provides numerous examples of Jew fraud, theft and murder.)

The maniacal Jew butchers in Israel can hide their savagery behind the manically Jew butchers in the Ukraine, who have been murdering Ukrainians who only want to be free, but the Jew bankers want ALL of the Ukraine to loot, plunder and pillage.

7.1.14 photo OWS_zps72d88ab6.gif

In both cases, these homicidal scum are protected by the homicidal scum in the USA, mainly that POS Obama and the Zionist Jew ass-kissers in the corrupt Congress, who never miss a chance to murder Gentiles for the glory of World Jewry.

If other nations used Israel's sick, twisted and demented logic, then the aid workers that have been brutally murdered by Israeli thugs on aids ships in international waters, like the MV Mavi Marmara, those nation should be able to bomb Tel Aviv without repercussions, since those nations that were attacked by gun-wielding Khazar psychos have the 'right to defend themselves.'

Will no one, including the UN step forward to stop the latest Zionist massacres against unarmed Palestinians or will we just keep getting drunk, watching 'futbol' and hope those deranged fucks don't attack your home, or pull off another Israeli 9/11 False Flag?

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