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"Jud Süss" is a Fantastic Movie about 'anti-Semitism!'

This 1940 movie is "Jud Süß" and according to Wikipedia, it might just be the most anti-Semitic movie of all time. Which means it must have too many uncomfortable truths. But if the main character was a Muslim and the movie was made these days, it would be getting rave reviews and probably an Academy Award nomination.

The actor who portrays the materialistic, immoral, cunning and untrustworthy Jew, Ferdinand Marian, does a bang-up job of delivering a very believable role. Marian died or was killed in 1946 in a suspicious car accident.

The film is based on events that did happen in Württemberg, Germany back in the early 1700's. Seems like a 'Court Jew' got carried away with how much money he was making off the royalty and how much influence he had.

Even before the Rothschilds, these Court Jews were financing both sides of conflicts, like the Rhenish, French, Turkish, and Spanish wars and making a pretty penny in the process by getting into the commodity business by forming cartels around food, arms, ammunition, gold, and precious metals.

And like today, the Jew also controlled the money minting in many nations.

While the Ashkenazi Jews were muddling around in the financial affairs of Europe, their Kosher Komrades, the Sephardic Jews were making their loot by pirating and the slave trade, both in the Caribbean and the Mediterranean.

Between the usurious money lending rates and the pirating and slaving, is it any wonder Jews got kicked out of dozen of countries back then?

From reading the plot to "Jud Süß,"you might think it was a metaphor for the noxious Federal Reserve, since it stars the usual slippery characters who worm their way into the governing of a nation thru debt.
The Duke is delighted with the jewelry, and Süß willingly defers payment. Süß offers to provide financing for the Duke's bodyguard, opera, and ballet as well. Eventually, the Duke discovers that he owes Süß 350,000 thalers but Süß demurs saying that all he wants in "payment" is the authority to maintain the roads and bridges of the dukedom for 10 years—and the right to levy tolls for their use and upkeep. The Duke will receive a percentage of the proceeds, thereby freeing him from the financial limits imposed by the council.

The new tolls cause the price of food and other essentials to rise, enriching both Süß and the Duke. Süß gains the authority to levy taxes on salt, beer, wine, and wheat as well but also causing the people of Württemberg to suffer great privation. He also assists in procuring local women for the Duke, thus engaging in the corruption of their morals

But good grief, don't even think what you're thinking, since that is anti-Semitic and will not be allowed. Only good, clean positive thoughts about the most sacred religion of our time, the most blessed holocaust and absolute reverence for that 'light unto nations,' Israel, will be allowed.
Straying from those narratives will result in a Google drone that is hovering in your vicinity firing specifically designed EMP burst at your brain.

The first few minutes start out slow, but then it kicks into high gear!

Now to the real world which is filled with characters who are "materialistic, immoral, cunning and untrustworthy."
Number of Prostitutes in Israel in Transnational Crime

At the start of 2013, there were an estimated 15,000 to 20,000 prostitutes working in Israel. The prostitution industry in the country is estimated to generate over $500 million.

Previously, the sex trade in Israel was estimated to be worth $2 Billion a year, with up to 3,000 women being trafficked in to the country. Israel passed an antitrafficking law in 2006 that caused the number of women being trafficked into the country to decline.

In 2013, most of the women in the sex trade are Israelis.
The world-wide trade and white slavery of women into prostitution is worth around 186 BILLION dollars a year.

How much of that winds up in Tel Aviv banks?

Another lucrative field or fields for Jews and Israel are drugs and money laundering:
Drug trafficking and money laundering go hand-in-hand. On July 11, Haaretz headlined "US: Israeli played lead role in international drug money laundering ring."

Israeli/Colombian Isaac Perez Guberek was named. "Ten Panamanian companies, 11 Colombian companies and one based in Rosh Ha'ayin allegedly built (a) network that laundered hundreds of millions of dollars of drug money."

On October 19, Haaretz headlined "Israel becomes major hub in the international cocaine trade, abuse rising."

"There are Israeli crime organizations (involved) with the world's major drug cartels."

"Criminals are measured by their ability to traffic huge quantities of drugs and today there are several Israeli criminals who can traffic impressive quantities around the world."

"Israeli drug criminals have a good reputation in the world because they meet several of the criteria in the field and because Israelis have global connections."
Yes, the Khazars keep busy, supplying illegal drugs and outlawed acts to the world.

And Israel and her Jew lackeys here in the USA are into the illegal organ trade Big Time. In Israel, if someone needs a new liver or kidney, they'll just pick out a Palestinian 'donor' at one of the many detention centers that Israel has and uses for jailing prospective donors who aren't donating their vital organs freely, they're being forced to by that 'light unto nations' that is engaging in BAU, stealing what they want.

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