Tuesday, July 22, 2014

List of JEW BUTCHERY against Gazan Women and Children since 2006

This is what gets the JEW BUTCHERS aroused enough to copulate with their fellow land thieves, mass murder of children, as long as it's GOYIM.

Gaza_7.14.14 photo Gaza_72014_zps637853fe.jpg

Operation Summer Rains--Summer of 2006 with the JEW BUTCHERS lying about the reason for their Gaza 'turkey shoot' about bottle rockets being fired from the world's largest open air prison, Gaza. The first day of the JEW BUTCHERY, Israel bombed the only electrical power plant in the Gaza Strip.
Since that sorry state of psychopaths Israel has cut the number of calories allowed to the Muslims prisoners in Gaza, maybe the brave HAMAS fighters were thin enough to hide behind an electrical wire?

The real reason the JEW BUTCHERS went on a murderous rampage in Gaza is that they were tired of hearing their women snickering behind their backs about their pathetic little peckers and decided to show those Gazans that a real man butchers women and children.

Over 400 dead Palestinian women and children, with a handful of JEW land thieves meeting their maker, Satan.

Operation Autumn Clouds--The JEW BUTCHERS loved spilling Muslim blood so much in the Summer of 2006, they returned for another round of savage barbarities in the Fall. The JEW BUTCHERS killed over 50 Palestinians, mostly women leaving a mosque, since the JEW is especially terrified of devout Muslims, best to slaughter them were they worship before Allah answers their prayers.

Operation Hot Winter--JEW BUTCHERS, feeling impotent AGAIN, decided to blast into in February 2009 Gaza to give a lift to their flaccid manhood. Over 112 Palestinians, mostly women and children, were slaughtered by the JEW BUTCHERS.

Here's a quote from that time, see if it sound familiar:
There was some international concern over the scale of the operation, with the United States Department of State encouraging Israel to exercise caution to avoid the loss of innocent life, and the United Nations criticising Israel's "disproportionate use of force". The European Union demanded an immediate end to Palestinian militant rocket attacks on Israel and also criticised what they called Israel's "disproportionate use of force."
Gee, how many times have we heard that mealy-mouth excuse?

The JEW BUTCHERS used the excuse of their internal security service, the Shin Bet, firing bottle rockets into the desert to savagely attack Gaza.

Some JEW asshole pissed off his fellow JEW BUTCHERS by--for once--speaking the truth, saying Israel was bringing a holocaust to the Palestinians, and not the fake one used to extort trillions of dollars from the world Gentiles and to establish the psychotic State of Hate, Israel, on land stolen from the indigenous Palestinians.

OpHotWinter2009 photo Israeli_phosphorus-attack_Gaza_2009_jpeg_zps8a2a6389.jpeg

Operation Cast Lead--The JEW BUTCHERS, still not able to satisfy their women with their inadequate, hamster size sex organs, again try and get a boner by charging into Gaza in December 2008.

Over 1,400 Palestinians, mostly women and children were slaughtered by the JEW, who deliberately targeted civilian homes while a handful of JEW LAND THIEVES were killed, four at least killed by their own side.

Israel was accused in several reports of committing war crimes, but since no Western leader has any balls or a spine, once again, the JEW BUTCHERS got off free.

Once again, the JEW BUTCHERS used Palestinian kids as a shield, even tying some to the front of American supplied jeeps and American bought tanks. They also forced Palestinian women and children into building for their 'safety,' then would blow the building apart.

Since then, birth defects in Gaza have skyrocketed, proving that the JEW BUTCHERS used banned weapons on Gazans.

Operation Pillar of Defense--The JEW BUTCHERS, again feeling the comedic wrath of their women, whom the JEW can never satisfy, decides to show them how 'manly' they are by going into Gaza again in November 2012.

The JEW BUTCHERS again tried to use the bottle rocket excuse, but that lie was wearing out, especially in light of the facts that the insane JEW BUTCHERS had instigated the ruckus by using Gazans for target practice and the blockade of food, fuel and meds to the Gaza Strip, something you'll never hear on the JEW owned MSM.

Over 160 Palestinians, again mostly women and children, were slaughtered by the JEW BUTCHERS, offering up a blood sacrifice to their G-d, the one who is known to carry a pitchfork in western lore.

A handful of JEW BUTCHERS died, mostly from exhaustion from running to their bank to check and see if their gold coins were still there.

Here's what the impotent UN had to say:
A report by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights was harshly critical of the conduct of the Israeli army. The report stated that the IDF had "failed in many instances to respect international law", and that it did not "consistently uphold the basic principles of conduct of hostilities, namely, the principles of distinction, proportionality and precautions".
Here's the reply from western leaders:

Then there's the present, with another JEW BUTCHER op ongoing in Gaza, with the JEW BUTCHERS again trying to resuscitate their falling manhood by murdering at least 600 Gazans, again mostly women and children, deliberately targeting schools, mosques, and medical facilities.

This doesn't begin to count the daily tortures inflicted by the JEW BUTCHERS upon the captive Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank. The random shootings, beatings, destruction of farm lands and olive tree groves. The jailing, the rapes, the disappearance of women and children into the JEW prisons, where some are never seen again.
The blockade of Gaza, the destruction of their fishing vessels, the theft of top soil, the deliberate dumping of JEW shit water onto Palestinian property and an old-time JEW fav, tossing dead animals or shit into drinking water wells.

Will someone please tell these JEW BUTCHERS that you can't treat a flaccid, impotent and teeny-tiny pecker by torturing and mass murdering civilians?

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