Friday, August 8, 2014

ISRAELI JEW BUTCHERS Laugh and Chuckle While 'Wiping Palestine Off the Map'

How would you like to be living in this Gazan neighborhood that was destroyed in ONE HOUR? With no where to run to or hide, since the ISRAELI JEW BUTCHERS would also target shelters and UN schools.

8.8.14 photo Ga1_zps10012b86.png

There's more pics of 'before and after' neighborhoods in Gaza here, but the one below gives you a good idea of what the Zionist JEW BUTCHERS are up to in Palestine....Leveling Gazan homes and destroying their crops so the trapped Palestinians will starve to death.

8.08.14 photo Gzaz91_zps5e3001b9.gif

And here's the ZIONIST JEW BUTCHERS laughing and chuckling while blowing apart women and children and 'wiping Gaza off the face of the Earth.'

Yes, the world's most moral army has outdone itself this time. Let's see how much they laugh and chuckle when arrested for war crimes.

What the ISRAELI JEW BUTCHERS are doing to the indigenous Palestinians proves without a doubt that there alien life forms in the galaxy, since the ISRAELI JEW BUTCHERS can't be human.

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