Thursday, August 28, 2014

Parasites Feeding on Your Holocau$ted Brain

When you swallow the holoHOAX lie, this is what happens...
Gaza_8.14 photo Gaza4_71514_zpsf033e3a4.jpg

And this...
6.06.14 photo Thatday_zps8733b19d.jpg

The Holocaust Is a Jewish Big Lie: Birdman's Not-Quite-95 Theses on the Holocaust

Click here if you want some skilled Jew liars to write a college term paper for you about the BIGGEST FRAUD of the 20th Century, the holoHOAX!

"...that there was no masterplan for the Holocaust going back to the days when Hitler wrote Mein Kampf."

The holocau$t explained for rednecks and others who refuse to use their brains to think

Time to WTFU America. You have been lied to, had your money and future stolen, your sons, daughters, husbands, wives, relatives and friends sent off to wars for Israel and lied to repeatedly about this Jew farce, all to get you to immediately snap to attention, shed a tear, offer up a salute and loads of money to that noxious state of two-legged parasites, Israel, anytime World Jewry says 'Holocau$t.'

We have given these vampires billions and billions and billions of dollars of our wealth that could of been used to repair our shitty highway system or fix our broken down, overcrowded schools or improve our falling apart electrical grid and that still wasn't enough for these gold worshiping blood suckers, so they stole more, lots more, trillions and trillions of dollars of OUR money thru their rigged game of fiat money, which they control thru their hold on the illegal Federal Reserve and those 'Too Big to Fail' Wall Street banks that always come up with new ways to loot this country, while the Jew parasites laugh all the way to their banks.

In addition to all that wealth, we've given these murderous SOB's trillions of dollars in advanced weaponry, that was 'sold' to the Khazar invaders, loans that always turn into grants, meaning the parasite again sucks up an immense amount of OUR wealth.
Some of the more advanced weapons were reverse-engineered, rebuilt in an Israeli defense plant, had a Yid sounding name slapped on the system, then sold to countries like Communist China.

From the murder of President Kennedy, to the savage, unprovoked attack on the USS Liberty, to the attack on the USS Cole to the 9/11 FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB, there's one constant theme throughout these acts of barbarism, that Israel was involved in each and every one.

Isn't it time to send these blood-sucking parasites packing?


  1. Your analysis and conclusion are 100% correct.

  2. Like the zio-red Holdomor, they will soon have us eating each other as we die of starvation.

    Even you and I may come to almost like a fresh order of babyback ribs!

  3. "Babyback ribs" Ugh, but who knows, when people are facing starvation.


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