Thursday, August 14, 2014

The REAL American Male?

Found this in the 'Comments' section at story about Copenhagen's new bicycle 'skyway'
Yeah. I get accused of arrogance a lot.

Most Americans love to cast that one about. Most of the time it simply means that someone dared to aspire above the average. Americans are some of the most vicious and spiteful people for those who dare to buck conformity. Americans like to imagine themselves as the ultimate non-conformists, but it's precisely the opposite.

I didn't expect you to seize upon any of my remarks. Rather, I expected pretty much what you gave me. Some boo hoo about your challenges. Whatever. I'm almost 50 and my room in NYC is cartoonishly small. Also, there are many solutions on keeping a suit in impeccable condition. But, whatever. This is lost on you.

America: "It's hard."

This is a bullshit nation.

I wonder if our tales about bold adventurers and rugged frontiers people were ever true. I suspect that most of it is hype and Americans have probably always been weak and better at talking themselves up as hard asses.

When I was in Europe, I saw women in their 80s biking in the sub-freezing temperatures in a light sweater. This was in rich and poor nations. They did it because they had a goddamn spine.

And one more thing...

Most of America's hard asses are in their late teens and early twenties. Guess what? ANYONE can be in good shape at that age. You can roll off a log backwards at that age and be fit.

But most Americans, even the "hardcore" athletes go to seed by their mid to late 20s. How many tubby American men in their late 20s still think they are hard because they played a couple of seasons of some sport in high school?

Let's see you tough guys carry that into your 30s, 40s, 50s.

Not gonna happen.

Once American men go to seed, they rely on things like tattoos, leather, goatees, shaved heads, motorcycles, guns, and other lame props (like f***ing t-shirts with wolves, snakes, scorpions, sports teams, and shit) to communicate that they are still men.

But they aren't.

I guess they still have dicks, but that's about it.

If you see a group of typical hardcore American men, they'll look like they stepped out of Mad Max movie. All costumed testosterone. But between them, they couldn't run half a block before dying from an aneurism.

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  1. Easy on the yanks.
    The Danish people are "phobically conformist and have a profound and deep mistrust of all things and influences of a foreign origin." Philip Jones - DK Ultra - Constructing The Mind Controlled State. Hence arrogant for no reason.
    He died an untimely and suspicious death in 2009.

    Riding a pedal bike does not make a manly man. Neither does conforming to a society which does not tolerate dissent and where male and female almost look alike. I know, I lived on the other side of the border for 30 years and still have danske friends. They are no individualists.

    The bikeaholics in that puny country are just trying to conform because they are not given a choice. The more ambitious males crossed the Southern border to find work that paid well.

    So I'll take a Yank with his pouch, his tattoo and his Harley over a Danish wussy anytime.


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