Sunday, August 10, 2014

What's Happened to Information Clearing House?

8.10.14 photo Volt_zpsa6449ce3.jpg

Clicking on the ICH link will get one this:

This Account Has Been Suspended

Why has it been suspended? Too many truthful articles about the Zionist Jews genocide of the peace-loving Palestinians?

ICH has been under attack lately, most likely by that crowd that screams anti-Semitism anytime some one posts truths that the Zionist JEW war pigs don't like their pet GOYIM to read.


  1. This is so shit - I read ICH every day to keep up to date n now cant

  2. This is bad news. ICH's owner didn't mention any problems on the web page, but from an email I got from Tom, I knew he was being hit hard by the Yid war mongers.

  3. Does anyone know exactly what happened to ICH? I read ICH every day. Is there a phone number we can call Tom in Boston? I been searching the internet, and this been the first site that has mention ICH. Please publish the phone number to call ICH? I like to know what is going on.

  4. How can we get in touch with ICH?

  5. ICH is back!!!! :)



  7. Yep, Tom is back online.

    But something was trying to bite him in the ass.

    Let's see, now who'd want to shut down the free flow of news and info to people so that only FOX N*** or ZNN bullshit was allowed to seep into people's minds?

    Don't give me no hints, I know the answer, it just takes me time to...Eureka!

  8. Hey, now ICH is auto-deleting posts based on some list of 'bad' words. Of course they don't tell you what words, your comment just gets auto-deleted with no chance to edit.

    The hypocrisy is stunning considering the number of articles they have posted objecting to censorship, secrecy and 'rules-you-aren't-allowed-to-know'.


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