Thursday, September 25, 2014

9/11 Hijackers Intentionally Left A Trail Of Evidence For The FBI

At the 25 second mark, reporters says the FBI told him the 'terrorists' wanted to leave a trail.

This is the blackest blob shown on 9/11. Seems Katie Couric is smarter than the hijackers, she is even surprised at how stupid they were. The worlds dumbest criminals leave a trail of evidence weeks and months before the crime, while wanted by the FBI for prior terror activities. This is insane and loony. That's not how people up to nefarious activities act or do it. Notice the talking head openly admits the hijackers could not possibly fly a commercial jet with the training they got in Florida.

More excellent 9/11 investigative videos at this link!

The alleged 9/11 'hijackers' also left a trail down in some Florida tittie bars, where they were seen drinking large amounts of booze, getting lap dances and leaving copies of the Koran at the bar.

Now who would do something like that, certainly not a devout Muslim, but an Jew saboteur would, leaving a trail of evidence that pointed the blame at the Muslim world, to keep Americans mad as hell and willing to send their sons and daughters off to fight in never-ending 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel.'

Just like the Jew terrorists are doing AGAIN on the US-Mexico border, leaving a trail of evidence to help frame Muslims for the next Jew False Flag.

Texas Sheriff 'Muslim Clothing Koran Books' Found Along Mexican Border Trails Fox News Insider

FEAR IS GROWING, yes, that's part of the plan, to keep you stupefied with fear, scared shitless, and begging for more wars against Israel's enemies in the ME. Don't worry about the rancid economy that has never recovered from the Jew manipulations and thefts after their 9/11 False Flag.
Don't be concerned about our falling apart highway system. Don't give a thought to our outdated schools or that we are so broke, we can't afford to properly care for our vets wounded in past 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel.'

Just stay filled with FEAR and hate and loathing for all things Muslim and let the Jew occupied White House destroy this nation in order to protect those Khazar land thieves in Occupied Palestine.

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