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Rita Katz, who 'Found' the Sotloff video, Caught on Camera Admitting to Her Con Job

Rita Katz says that her organization released the beheading of Stephen Sotloff video "before ISIS had a chance to" at the 1:33 mark. Did she also help Israel with the special effects on 9/11?

An excellent site that has an abundance of info on Katz and her duplicities can be found at the "The Yellow Brick Road Free Blog," some of the more interesting material is below:
Rita Katz; Better than Spielberg

ALL Bin Laden tapes are found by the examination 2 people.

SITE is staffed by TWO people, Katz and Josh Devon.
I Have Been Thinking about the people who “find” the Al Qaeda videos or audio tapes online and alert the press as to Their findings. Who Are These People? Do they work for the Govt? As it turns out, YES They Do. And it gets better …… One of These idiots is Rita Katz.

Source: ME Times

Yes, despite a massive manhunt by the world’s intelligence agencies, BL Seems To evade Their combined Efforts, staying on the run. But he still has time to drop into His recording studio and cook up a fresh tape for the likes of Rita Katz and her outfit Called SITE
SITE is staffed by TWO people, Katz and Josh Devon.

These two individuals yet manage to do what the ENTIRE combined assets of the Western world’s intelligence can not:

Be the first to Obtain fresh video and audio tapes from Al-Qaeda with Bin Laden making threats and issuing Various other comments. If BL Appears a bit “stiff” in the latest release, that’s Because He is real stiff, as in dead.
Is Rita still getting paid by the US government? From Source Watch on her fantasy video outfit, SITE:
SITE describes itself as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization "that provides information related to terrorist networks to the government, news media, and general public."[1]

However, SITE states on its Internal Revenue Service Forms 990 that it claims tax-exempt status because the "Organization receives compensation for services provided under contract to the Government of the United States on an Arms-Length basis at fair market value" and "the organization believes such work is consistent with its exempt purposes", in 2003[2] and 2004[3] the organization "earned more than $500,000 from the GOVERNMENT", with "over $273,000" coming directly from taxpayers in 2004, Berni McCoy reported September 10, 2007, in his Democratic Underground journal.
And more from Rita the LYING Meter Maid!

S(h)ITE red-faced as 'Islamist' Washington ruin image turns out to be from Fallout 3 game

published by Tom Sullivan on Fri, 2008-05-30 22:52

Source: Daily Telegraph

note the page has been pulled, as has Google's cache copy, presumably because Kopy Katz and her cohorts don't like the bad publicity.

The image from the game, which should appear below, doesn't appear to be purged from The Telegraph's site (yet).

The SITE Intelligence Group said that the image, showing a ruined Capitol Building in Washington, was created by extremists as part of discussions about the feasibility of nuclear strikes against the US and Britain.

The images appeared in a video, called Nuclear Jihad: The Ultimate Terror, posted on two password-protected websites, al-Ekhlass and al-Hesbah, believed to be affiliated with al-Qa’eda.

SITE also released translated several chatroom threads from al-Ekhlass and al-Hesbah, discussing the possibility of nuclear attacks on the West.

However, it has transpired that far from being a detailed simulation created by terrorist masterminds, the apocalyptic vision is in fact lifted from the computer game Fallout 3, by US game designers Bethesda Softworks.
And some more. That's one of the good things about LIARS, you never run out of material!
9/11 "bin Laden" video

In early September 2007, SITE announced that Osama bin Laden would release a video message on the anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks on the United States. Bloomberg News also reported that IntelCenter, another web monitoring service, noted that al Qaeda's media production group as-Sahab flagged the video in an online media statement.[8] While Bloomberg reported only that the video would be released, the Associated Press stated that "the 30-minute video was obtained by the SITE Institute" and had provided a copy to the AP. The report stated that "American officials said the U.S. government had obtained a copy even though the video had not been posted yet by al-Qaeda".[9] AP noted that "during the video, bin Laden's image moves for only a total of about 3 1/2 minutes in two segments, staying frozen the rest of the time while his remarks continue." An anonymous U.S. intelligence official told the AP it may have been a technical glitch that occurred during production.

Endorsed by Blackwater

Listed under "Security for the Professional", sponsored by Blackwater Security Consultants, Blackwater USA cites SITE Institute as "An Invaluable Resource" in its May 9, 2005, Blackwater Tactical Weekly newsletter.
And some more info on Rita, in the sarcastic vein!
Bin Laden signs exclusive licensing agreement with Jewish media group

We're being told that Bin Laden is getting ready to release another video, today, the 9/11 anniversary.

Try Googling the supposed al-Qaeda web page called "as-Sahab Institute for Media Production" and you won't be able to find their home page on the web.

Yet, aL-Qaeda regularly releases video to places like S.I.T.E.--run by Jewish immigrant Rita Katz and to a place called IntelCenter, run by a Ben N. Venzke, who has a Jewish surname. And runs his operation out of a P.O. box.

So just how in the hell do the avowed #1 enemies of BL and aL-Qaeda always seem to be the first ones to get their hands on these aL-Qaeda videos?

Has aL-Qaeda signed an exclusive licensing agreement with Katz and Venzke? How else would one explain these videos only be delivered--or made--at Katz's group, called S.I.T.E. and Venzke's group called IntelCenter?

Sure is nice of BL and his pals to sign away exclusive rights to some of their good buddies and pals in the Jewish world of intelligence???


  1. Websites the best hackers in the world never seem to crack but the lovely Rita meter maid is on them within minutes of things being posted. She always keeps the meter running, it means money for agenda building.



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