Thursday, September 18, 2014

The VILE, EVIL, MALIGNANT JEW is Thirsting for Blood... AGAIN

Gazans need an extended break from being preyed upon by the world's biggest collection of gangsters, mass murderers, thieves, racists, False Flag experts, bigots, back-stabbers, corruptors, illegal drug dealers, and white slavers, Israel, but will they get that break or more of this?

Chilling footage of Israel destroying town in Gaza in less than an hour

The Evil, Malevolent, Insane, Sadistic Jew is again thirsting for blood, Palestinian blood, planning on AGAIN attacking the world's largest concentration camp when the fit hits the shan in Syria. Israel is making sure all hell is going to break loose in Syria, directing it's President Peace Prize attack dog to shortly begin the bombing Syria from above while the ISIL/ISIS/IS terrorists, many of which are congregating on the Syria-Israel border, on land previously stolen by the JEW, the Golan Heights, where they are getting more weapons and medical care from Israel to prep them for the invasion of Syria to overthrow Assad.

Confirmation Of Southern Damascus Attack Plans By Jabhat al-Nusra/CIA

Add to that reports of a mortar round being fired from the Gaza Strip into southern Israel Tuesday, most likely by either Israel's internal security agency, the Shin Bet or by Arab accomplices bribed, threatened or tortured into collaborating with Israel and it's easy to see, the blood-suckers of Israel are prepping the scene to 'Shock and Awe' the Gaza Strip again.
Palestinians dispute Israeli allegation of mortar round fired from Gaza

A mortar round was allegedly fired from the Gaza Strip into southern Occupied Palestine Tuesday without causing any casualties, the Israeli army claimed.

"For the first time since operation Protective Edge, a mortar shell fired from Gaza hit southern Israel," Lieutenant Colonel Peter Lerner said on Twitter, referring to the brutal seven-week Israeli military offensive on Gaza this summer.

"No damage or injuries reported," he added.

A spokesman for Hamas, Gaza’s ruling party, told AFP the resistance group and others wanted the three-week old ceasefire to hold. "The Palestinian factions are committed to the truce," Sami Abu Zuhri said. "We want it to continue."

He questioned whether the attack as reported by Israel had in fact taken place. "There is no evidence that there was mortar fire from the Gaza Strip," he said.

An Israeli army statement said that the mortar round struck the Eshkol region, which borders the Gaza Strip. Local media said it hit open ground and air raid sirens were not triggered.
Besides the IDF firing mortar rounds at Israel, the Evil, Malevolent, Insane, Sadistic Jew is AGAIN firing at Gazan fishing boats, a dance macabre that has been going on for decades, but that's actual news, so you won't see that featured on the Zionist propaganda outlets fronted by the sick and twisted 'Wolfie' or that slimy POS weasel, Shepherd Smith.

Israel mows the lawn

In 2004, a year before Israel’s unilateral disengagement from the Gaza Strip, Dov Weissglass, √©minence grise to Ariel Sharon, explained the initiative’s purpose to an interviewer from Haaretz:

The significance of the disengagement plan is the freezing of the peace process … And when you freeze that process, you prevent the establishment of a Palestinian state, and you prevent a discussion on the refugees, the borders and Jerusalem. Effectively, this whole package called the Palestinian state, with all that it entails, has been removed indefinitely from our agenda. And all this with … a [US] presidential blessing and the ratification of both houses of Congress … The disengagement is actually formaldehyde. It supplies the amount of formaldehyde that is necessary so there will not be a political process with the Palestinians.

In 2006 Weissglass was just as frank about Israel’s policy towards Gaza’s 1.8 million inhabitants: ‘The idea is to put the Palestinians on a diet, but not to make them die of hunger.’ He was not speaking metaphorically: it later emerged that the Israeli defence ministry had conducted detailed research on how to translate his vision into reality, and arrived at a figure of 2279 calories per person per day – some 8 per cent less than a previous calculation because the research team had originally neglected to account for ‘culture and experience’ in determining nutritional ‘red lines’.
Notice that this was not made available to the deluded American public, who rabidly supports that State of Hate, Apartheid Israel, no matter how many Palestinian women and children the JEW butchers in Gaza.

This was in the "London Review of Books," so the JEW MSM in Occupied American will not be printing these inconvenient truths.

Who will rid the world of this noxious Zionist menace that is threatening the entire planet with it's homicidal behavior?


  1. It is not going to happen this time. Israel can dream, but there are sober minded generals still in the USA forces. The downing by Iran of the Israel "high altitude, radar evading drone", showed that Syria and Iran will respond if attacked. The Jewish Cabalist, are working on the "4 blood moons", they failed in Syria in early 2013, failed in Ukraine, now it is desperation. Iran will respond to any attack by Israel or the USA.

  2. Hans Blinken, that '4 Blood Moons' made me think along the same lines, that the Yid DNA was getting cranked up due to the Blood Moons and the Extra Large or Super Moons that are appearing this year.

    It's like a heroin addict's craving for more dope, they can't get rid of the desire to fuck up other countries which is being amped by the Moon weirdness.

    Here's to a Zionist Jew free 2015!


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